Rupert Shrive at Galerie Hoang Beli

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Rupert Shrive with “Infinity triptych”, oil on linen, 2023,  which can be moved around indefinitely

Nor far from Centre Pompidou where the Donation Ilya and Emilia  Kabakov was being shown, I discovered a new very pretty gallery Hoang Beli on rue Chapon, which was recently opened by John Hoang, a Vietnamese Singaporean young accountant who loves art. This month he exhibits English eccentric artist, Rupert Shrive, who pushed his statue of Balzac by foot all the way to Saché near Tours, last year in March, and has developed a technique of crushed paintings on metal. The theme of the exhibition “Speaking Volumes”  is of famous paintings in all sizes. And it is incredibly poetic.

John Hoang in his new gallery, Hoang Beli, 30 rue Chapon with the “Speaking Volumes” show

John Hoang speaks many languages, was raised in Hong Kong, in Vietnam but also in Denmark and in London. After studying medicine for three years he received a Master in law and finance and now realizes that his real passion is contemporary art. With Rupert Shrive, a graduate of St Martin’s and Slade, he has found a fantastic painter who could be very classical if he did not experience his art in crushed metal and split forms. Whether he uses a Goya or a Tiepolo, a Manet or a Greco, he recreates his own imaginary world which is very poetic and has  attracted many museums and collectors. He exhibited at the Courtauld‘s East Wing and at Maison de Balzac in Paris, and is permanently in Paul Smith’s boutiques in London.

Rupert Shrive, “After Tiepolo (Triumph of Venus)”, Oil on crushed aluminum, 2024

His works can play around like this triptych of fish which makes sense whichever way you hang it, his large “Temptation of St Antony” which includes  or his crushed paintings which are real sculptures. They  used to be made of paper and are now in metal. The film of his travels with Sebatiano d’Ayala Valva fromParis to Tours with his large statue of Balzac is hilarious!

Balzac on the Loire, photo Sebastiao D’Ayala Valva

Prices range from 2 500€ for the very small  portrait of Berthe Morisot or 8 500€ for the Tiepolo. The large fresco of the Temptation of Saint Antony after Flaubert  is over 20 000€.  But you can also choose Flaubert’s parrot, a red fox or the “postcard study of Delacroix”, a delightful little piece of crushed aluminum.

Selfportrait, 2024

Galerie Hoang Beli, 30 rue Chapon until June 13, Wednesday to Saturday, 2 pm to 7 pm. On the same street you can also go to galerie Valérie Delaunay at n°20, and Anne Laure Buffard at n°6 and galerie Papillon at n°13. Les Filles du Calvaire have also opened there recently at n°21.

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