Collection Pinault has never been so fun at Bourse du Commerce

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Kimsooja’s installation under the cupola is very exciting visually

Bourse du Commerce  where the Pinault collection is housed is one of the most exciting buildings in Paris, across the street from Saint Eustache and it has an exciting group exhibition ” The World as it goes” on its three levels with a special focus on Korean artist Kimsooja in tis rotunda and ground floor display cases as well as in the basement. I particularly liked the Chinese artists Liu Wei‘s “Library”, 2012,  in wood and Sun Yuan & Peng Yu‘s display of old men on their wheel chairs on the ground floor and Peter Doig upstairs. All works come from the Pinault collection.

Liu Wei, Library III, 2012, Books, wood iron, Pinault collection

Liu Wei grew up in China in the 1970’s and he presents in his work, the deviant results of this period of accelerated social changes. His sculptures of towns made of compressed books threaten to topple over… He sculpts the books, which are source of knowledge, but are diverted from their initial function. These sculptures depict the disturbing metaphors of the development of megalopolises. This becomes a study of the chaos of the world. But mainly it is very beautiful.

Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, “Old People’s home “, 2007, in front of Pol Taburet, “Jo”, 2023, Pinault collection

The large ground floor gallery dedicated to Sun Yuan & Pen Yu’s old people is irresistible. This 50 year old Chinese couple has a unique sense of humor and displays wheel chairs which move around in a sophisticated choreography while you visit, and you really feel you are in a (fancy) retirement home where famous former heads of state now live. On the walls, hang two monumental tapestries by Polish artist Goshka Macuga, who describe Palace Darul Azman in Kaboul with diplomats an intellectuals and the Orangerie in Kassel with people from the art world.

Kimsooja at Collection Pinault on March 19

The constellation of Kimsooja’s work in the display cases all around the rotunda, explores various themes: body, identity, memory, movement and the universe (sun, moon, celestial bodies). An audioguide is provided to help you understand but the aesthetical qualities of each object are enough to enjoy the show.

Don’t think that only Asian artists are allowed in the Bourse du Commerce! Cindy Sherman, Pol Taburet participate in the “human comedy” section. And upstairs  Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Bertrand Lavier, Jeff Koons, Franz West and Rosemarie Trockl, all have great pieces exhibited in the galleries.

Martin Kippenberger, “Martin ab in die Ecke und schäm dich” (Martin go into the corner and shame on you), 1989

The different shows ar particularly fun at the moment so don’t miss them until September 2 at Bourse du Commerce

If you are in Venice for the Biennale, you can also visit Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi where François Pinault’s collection is exhibited.

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