Rungis, a (food) world to itself

The hardest thing about visiting the wholesale market of Rungis is to get up at 3.30 am in order to see the fish market « La Marée », before it closes at 5 am. Stéphane Layani, the flamboyant President of this huge 500 acre large market, is a fascinating character who remembers you first name!

The celebration of a marriage, and of a house

Celebrating Jean and Jacqueline d’Amécourt’s wedding anniversary in their extraordinary château de Jussy was a moving moment and a consecration of friendship and family ties.

Arab gardens are full of teachings

  There is a double attraction in visiting Institut du Monde arabe’s garden exhibition, « Jardins d’Orient, de l’Alhambra au Taj Mahal ».  Since Jack Lang was named President a few years ago, it seems that this institution, created in 1987 by François Mitterrand, has taken on a new modernity. And what is happening in the arab world today, is drawing more … Read More

From Courson to Chantilly, the Plants festival is a feast

The magic of Journée des Plantes de Chantilly has worked again this week end with lovely weather and Prince Amyn Aga Khan, in great form, during the three day event. He is more and more passionate about gardens. On Sunday, beloved French Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve, showed up « en famille ».

La Roche Guyon, a remarkable vegetable garden

After seeing the amazing « Impressionist’s gardens » at the Royal Academy in London, last month, I have become curious of all garden exhibitions in Normandy and therefore went straight to the « Caillebotte, painter and gardner » show at Giverny’s Musée des Impressionistes (until July 3rd).

The Laeken Royal greenhouses, amazing!

Once a year at the end of April and for three weeks only, the royal greenhouses of Laeken, are open to the public. I had never heard of them until a dear friend who recently setteld in Brussels, asked me to go with him. It was paradise for two hours. The sky was undecided but we headed for the Belgian royal … Read More

Gardens and art, a true passion

Jérôme Marcadé is a true passionate. He has a garden in Normandy, but he spends most of his time in his bookstore–gallery near théâtre de l’Odéon, where he invites photographers, sculptors, painters and writers to meet and discuss their work. His kingdom is a bit like a salon, where all forms of art are focused on plants and garden. It … Read More

A witty lunch at the French Academy

  It’s always impressive to have lunch at the French Academy, one of the most fabulous 17 th century building, designed  by Louis Le Vau along the Seine, and when you are invited by Academician Hugues Gall, the witty and charming Director of Giverny (who was born in Honfleur!) it is even more exciting. The excuse for gathering twenty guests … Read More