What I am going to offer for Xmas?

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Corner chair LOMM designed by Odile Mir and edited by her granddaughter Leonie Alma Mason, 315 € on Monoprix.com

Every year it’s the same dilemma, you give presents whom nobody likes and you receive some that you immediately want to give away. I have selected a few modest ideas that might help? My favorite shop being Fragonard for soaps and fragrances but also tablecloths and plates or candleholders. Then comes La Chaise Longue which has fun little items like a cheese board in the shape of France (19,99€) or a lamp which looks like an open book (39,99€). Zara Home is unbeatable for glasses, photo frames and I found very pretty little glass tea spoons (17,99€). But you can also order furniture on line from Monoprix.com which edits designers from the past or diaries from Smythson, the well known London shop where I have been ordering my Panama diary every year for a few decades. They deliver in three days.

At Zara Home, tea spoons for 17,99€

Monoprix which was famous as Prisunic in the 1960’s when MAFIA was doing their style, is editing old favorites like Gae Aulenti’s chrome multicolor chairs (230€), Sir Terence Conran’s desserte tables (304€), and LOMM by Odile Mir’s lamp and chair (180€ and 315€).  My favorite small luggage is Lipault with multicolor ultra light cabin bags (229€). And I discovered a new furniture shop which emulates Danish design from the fifties. Miliboo near place de la Madeleine. Its desks are perfect for your teenage daughter’s new bedroom and it has many small couches for a studio.

Gae Aulenti, chair for Monoprix.com, 230€

A kitch present for a golfer is a shirt from Coton Doux which specialize in theme fabrics. I love the refined taste and colors of Smythson’s who keep reasonable prices for their leather accessories like the diaries and notebooks for golfers and riders.

A selection of Smythson leather books. The Panama diary is my favorite for 55£

Nature et Découvertes is also one of my favorite stores and there you can find wool bonnets with a light for jogging at night or heated vests, but I liked a book of fifty trips to do in your life published by Le Routard. A way to make young people read and dream at the same time!

At Nature et Découvertes, a book to make young people read and dream

One of my favorite cinemas is Le Cinq Caumartin where I try to go almost once a week. It belongs to a small group of three cinemas,  Elysée Lincoln and 7 Parnassiens and they offer cards for 6 tickets for 38,90€. A lovely way to entice the young to go to real movie theaters…

Jean Baptiste Sécheret, Central Park evening #6, 2020, pastel on lithography, 4 500€ Galerie Documents 15

If you like art and have a limited budget, you can start a print collection and visit Documents 15, a charming gallery on 15 rue de l’Echaudé. They have an incredible selection of young and confirmed artists and prices start at 300 €. I particularly like Astrid de La Forest (from 800€), Jean-Baptiste Sécheret (700€ for a view of New York to 18 000€ for a large pastel), Ariane Fruit (800€),

Astrid de La Forest, Pine trees from Villa Medicis, 800€ at Documents 15

Perfumed candles are the hot present for Christmas and Valentine Pozzo di Borgo has created new scents for bcommebougie.com. with perfumes that are left over from big manufacturers. Tonight, and until the 14 th of December, she is opening a pop up store at 26-28 rue des Batignolles. Cocktail from 6 to 9 pm.

bcommebougie.com creates special candles for Xmas (at 20€) and you can discover them tonight from 6 pm onwards at 26-28 rue des Batignolles

I hope this is useful!

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