Merry Christmas a day late…

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A Christmas table set by Danish artist Lin Utzon with plates and bowls she designed for Royal Copenhagen porcelain and one of her magical murals

I love it when readers send me their images and here are a few of them for Christmas. Lin Utzon, the Danish artist, is a painter, a sculptor and has created many designs for Royal Copenhagen which sadly does not exist anymore. Her whimsical set of porcelain with blue dots is perfect for the Christmas season as is her series of Hans Christian Andersen plates which she created for the Queen of Denmark to celebrate the writer’s two hundredth anniversary in 2005. She set this table in her house near Helsingør, North of Copenhagen, where she  celebrates Christmas with her family every year.

A Christmas tree made of lobster traps in Stonington, Ct. sent by poet Henri Cole

I loved poet Henri Cole‘s picture of the Christmas tree in Old Stonington, Ct. which is made of lobster traps. I met Henri through Parisdiary when he wrote a beautiful book “Orphic Paris”,  and we’ve been having lunch tree times a year since. He is very mischievous and a faithful friend. His new love is the little town of Stonington where he spends time writing.

At Jardin des Plantes, illuminations take place every afternoon as night comes and until 8 pm

My niece Colombe sent me this picture of illuminated trees and animals at Jardin des Plantes in Paris. The garden is open until 8 pm and you can walk around and discover these lit animals and wildlife from the jungle.

Clara Daguin, Nativity, in Eglise Saint Eustache

At Saint Eustache, the fashionable Nativity by Clara Daguin illuminated the midnight mass, while in the countryside, this very modest crèche sculpted in the stump of an oak tree is the work of a new artist J.D.

A crèche made in teh stump of an oak by J.D.

And at Saint François Xavier, the very large crèche, started in 2006, now includes over 1000 santons, 210 trees and lavender. It is more conventional but a true performance of the parishioners…


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6 Comments on “Merry Christmas a day late…”

  1. Merry Christmas Laure (also a little late). Really enjoy your letters to friends, such a captivating , informative way of looking at Paris and beyond, which is what this vignette does,Thank you! Waiting for you in New York! Then Paris Photo this year, xoxo Lois

  2. Merry Christmas two days late!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.
    Hope to see you in the New Year!
    I’ve been thinking of you.

  3. Dearest Laure,
    Merry Christmas three days late! Love these images, particularly Lin’s beautiful table and mural.

  4. Love it. We spend a lot of time in Paris. We will be there next week to see the Rothko show at the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

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