A recipe a week, Poêlée de poulet aux carottes

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If you are very impatient and like to prepare a real dish in less than 30 mins, Eric Turmel offers this tip. Poêlée of chicken with carrots and cumin to which you can add fenil. Soak raisins in water (and a bit of armagnac if you like) a few hours beforehand. Use a breast of chicken per person, shred it … Read More

Hervé van der Straeten can still surprise us!

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With his tenth exhibition “Fun Ride”, a clever mix of pink dining room table and Chinese cabinets, Hervé Van der Straeten shows his brilliant workmanship in his large gallery of the Marais, with thirty five pieces in precious wood, marble and bronze produced just outside Paris in his studio of Bagnolet. The chef d’oeuvre is an armoire in ebony and … Read More

Strikes, système D and flowers for the New Year

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For the last four weeks, France has been paralyzed by train and subway strikes. Most people walk four hours a day to go to work and back. Bicycles, trottinettes and all kinds of rolling transport systems have been developed to the point that accidents have risen all around big cities. Christmas vacations were spoiled for lack of trains, airplanes are … Read More

Embroidery is a Medieval art, at Musée de Cluny

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Embroidery does not sound like the most exciting theme for an exhibition and yet, when I walked into the show at Musée de Cluny on “The Art of embroidery in the Middle Ages”, I was immediately moved and stunned by the beauty of the pieces. “Medieval embroiderers were painters with a needle in hand”, describes one of the curators and … Read More

Café des Ministères is reborn, on Place du Palais Bourbon

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There is nothing that pleases me more than to have a good dinner, cooked and served by an enthusiastic young couple who have faith in tasty food.  This is what I found at Café des Ministères, a restaurant that Roxane and Jean Sévègres took over last February, a few meters from the Assemblée Nationale. He comes from Cahors in the … Read More

Le Sergent Recruteur, is reborn on île Saint Louis

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When I saw the first course of tomato pineapple and melon being set on the table, its colorful beauty reminded me immediately of a starter, “The palette of vegetables” I had a few months ago at Laurent, the restaurant in the Elysées gardens. Well, little did I know that the creator of both dishes was the same! Alain Pégouret, who … Read More

Nicolas Buffe, Chevalier and jewelry designer

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It’s always fun to hear about a Paris event through an Italian friend who is a curator at the Wolfsonian in Miami! I know that Silvia Barisione is the most trendy person in South Beach but I did not expect her to introduce me to such a talented and diverse artists as Nicolas Buffe. The occasion was his exhibition of … Read More

Matei Negreanu’s precious glass sculptures

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When he left Rumania and arrived in Paris in 1981, Matei Negreanu already had a career as an artist. It took him very little time to exhibit his glass sculptures which were made of thin layers of glass, cut out, sanded and assembled in his modest room. His works have evolved over the years but his style remains very identifiable … Read More