HuThoPi, a new restaurant and a great story of friendship

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Today’s starter, scallops with a cream of broccoli and radishes

We are rue de Charenton, two hundred meters from Opera Bastille and HuThoPi is so small that only 25 guests can have dinner at the same time. Three little boys from kindergarden, Hugues, Thomas and Pierre grew up in the suburbs of Paris and always kept in touch. They have worked in the greatest restaurants such as Le Meurice for the pastry chef, Laurent and the Plaza Athénée for another. They are now 26 and have just opened a restaurant where they practice their immense skills. I was brought there by a friend from the neighborhood which is already buzzing about this new place. The food is delicious, there is a lunch menu at 36€ and dinner menu at 70€ or a la carte. They are not serving late after the opera yet, but could be convinced to do so…

Roasted and fried parsnip with little onions and horseradish cream was my choice for starter

We were very surprised when the waitress told us that she graduated with a masters in communications from Science Pô but she had wanted a change in career after working for different agencies. She spotted an add on the door of the restaurant saying they were looking for staff and changed career… This gives you an idea of the atmosphere at HuThoPi, the name created by these three childhood friends who used their first names for the promising establishment.

Roasted shredded cuttlefish (seiche) with corn and ink

I found the food delicious even though I usually like simpler dishes. But everything is super refined with unknown tastes and old vegetable. I went for the veal because I don’t like cuttlefish and parsnip which is a forgotten vegetable. My friend picked the scallops which were perfectly cooked. The dessert of “riz au lait” which I usually dislike, was fabulous with a little caramel and pears, both poached and served as a sorbet. The three friends are behind the counter and work hard at preparing these little jewels of a plate, but they also come and chat to the clients and they are very entertaining.

Hugues, Thomas and Pierre (in the back), preparing the veal, have met in kindergarden

We were served an excellent wine by the glass from Ardèche, Les Grelots by Sylvain Bock and I noticed on the shelves, a Pupillin from Arbois. There is also sparkling wine from the Loire. All wines are organic and made by small producers. It is a young place with a lot of energy and gracefulness!

Riz au lait with pear and caramel

So if you want to feel good and share a delicious meal with your friends, run to 53 rue de Charenton at HuThoPi. Make sure to book. Three course lunch is 36€, 6 small courses dinner is 70€. And à la carte.

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4 Comments on “HuThoPi, a new restaurant and a great story of friendship”

  1. Full of energy, graceful and… full of humour ! Utopia seems everything but utopian! Charming and talented young boys!
    Merci, Laure, de nous encanailler le palais !

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