“Intelligence of the Hand” awards, by Fondation Bettencourt Schueller

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It was the first time the Prix Liliane Bettencourt was awarded since the l’Oréal heiress disappeared a few weeks ago and her daughter, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers spoke courageously of the beauty of handmade technics and of the love her mother had for artisanal talents. The ceremony took place at salle Wagram and its 100 th Prize was awarded after 18 … Read More

The colors of Sèvres

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It is always a little adventure to go to Musée de la Céramique de Sèvres just on the other side of the Seine from Boulogne. The 18 th century museum is a paradise for china, ceramics and plates of all kinds and to enliven the public’s appetite, the director of collections and curator of the show, Christine Germain-Donnat, has organised … Read More

Cars are stars at Fondation Cartier

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It was great fun as usual at Fondation Cartier for the opening of « Auto Photo, from 1900 to today » a show of 450 pictures by American, British, German, Swiss, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, African and French photographers who, one way or another, were attracted by cars. Small and large formats, color and black and white, esthetical or social themes make for … Read More

Gouthière, Odiot, Mézin at Arts Décoratifs

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There is a decorative art that survived the French revolution and was as prolific under Louis XVI th as under Napoleon and that is the art of bronzier and gold sculptor. Pierre Gouthière, 1732-1813, was the most famous of 18 th century artists and a show of his work is at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris after the Frick … Read More

Fondation EDF bets on video games

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It was a bit disconcerting to enter the new show « Game » at Fondation EDF which is devoted to the evolution of video games since the 1950’s. I did not know how to start and manipulate any of the tools and had to beg a young « mediateur culturel » for help. But I was quite impressed to find out that they had … Read More

High Life in Miami

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Little did I know two years ago, when I met the extravagant Mitchell Wolfson Jr, (Micky to his friends) in Paris,  that I would end up being so impressed by his museum, the Wolfsonian, in Miami Beach. I was there last week to visit the current show, « Modern Dutch design » curated by Silvia Barisione and could not leave the place, … Read More

Turmoil in London’s museums

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  The Victoria and Albert museum is a permanent showcase of exhuberance and diversity and I was  once again happily surprised by the three shows I saw last week end in London. Not only has the 19 th century decorative arts museum hired a new director, the 42 year old historian Tristram Hunt, who, angry at Brexit, left his labour … Read More

Two French sporting records

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Two amazing sporting events happened recently in France. While the Vendée Globe, a round the world sailboat race alone and with no assistance, is soon ending, the French sailor Thomas Coville, sailed around the globe on his trimaran in 49 days, reaching Ouessant on Christmas Day at 6 pm. His sponsor Sodebo, a manufacturer of pizzas from Brittany has sponsored … Read More