The Salon du Patrimoine Culturel is more ebullient than ever.

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Paulina Okurowska works with slate in Nantes

I am always full of expectations when I go to Carrousel du Louvre for the annual meeting of Salon du Patrimoine culturel, a fair devoted to the artisans who cater to castle owners and public monuments and mostly a mine of good addresses. And there are quite a few booths with pictures of Notre Dame, the Grand Palais and Versailles to prove that their craftsmanship has been selected by prestigious establishments. Gilders, carpenters, window makers, tiles and slates are all exhibited and described at length in this space located within the Louvre where Fine Arts Paris & la Biennale will take place on November 8.

Faience stove at Damien Spatara

You are looking to restore your old wooden floors, go for the best and contact Parquets GAL who worked in Chateau de Chantilly for the duc d’Aumale’s apartments. Your house is humid and you need an audit, call ATB Eurochem or AXE. You want to insulate your windows but not change them because they are old and beautiful, use Ruysdael glass  from Holland and save at least two degrees. You have an old wooden stove in ceramics, get it to work and be young again with Damien Spatara.

Indulge in a new conservatory or a winter garden at Serres et Ferronneries d’Antan,

You can’t find the new perfect lamp with character to put outside your house, you want to create a modern stainless glass, or hang ceramic lamps on your wall, you will find everything on the website of Salon du patrimoine culturel. It is a mine of  precious addresses and artisans. The new man in charge as of October 12,  is President Stéphane Galerneau, who runs les Ateliers d’Art de France. Trained as a metal artisan (fondeur), he is an interior designer, is married to porcelain manufacturers Isabelle Deshoulières and syndicates the 38 000 French workshops dedicated to craftsmanship.

Aline Toupry created this wall lamp in porcelain for A.R.T.E ( 3 200€)

Another interesting experience is “La Bonne Graine“, a school dedicated to woodcarvers and upholsterers which includes framing and making cases for professional transporters. The young students are all working with artisans two thirds of the time, studying the other third and there are also trainings for retired workers for reconversions. The school is located 200 boulevard Voltaire in Paris. I fantasized in front of Serres et Ferronneries d’Antan, who can create a conservatory in your country house. There was also the booth of a calligrapher, Noémie Keren who lives near Bordeaux and two artists who won the Prize for young creation. Anton Laborde, a wood carver who trained in India with a Japanese master at 14! and won for his decors in colored marqueterie, Marion Lainé won for the restoration of a Pleyel piano.

Calligraphy by Noémie Keren

There are also institutions such as La Sauvegarde de l’Art Français run by Olivier de Rohan which saves churches all around France and Sites et Monuments which fights for the protection of landscape, an important topic at a time when wind turbines (éoliennes) are invading our countryside. It awards a Prize for the five better recreated alleys of trees…

Prix Allées d’arbres awarded by Sites et Monuments at Domaine de Milliassiere

All these addresses might seem a little old fashion to you but they can save your house! so don’t hesitate to consult the directory of Salon du Patrimoine culturel.

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