Florence Foster Jenkins, a determined singer

    Stephen Frears is a genius cinematographer and his latest film, « Florence Foster Jenkins » is again proof of it. Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant give one of their best acting interpretations, one laughs and one cries. It is cinema at its best.

Almodovar’s “Julieta”, don’t hesitate, just go!

For his 20 th film presented at the Cannes film festival, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar has struck again : his « Julieta » is constantly surprising and fascinating. Based on three Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro short stories from « Runaway », the script is the story of a beautiful woman who falls in love on a train with a … Read More

Woody Allen is back with “Café Society”

« First a murderer and now a Christian », is one of the hilariously funny sentences of the new Woody Allen film, « Café Society », which opened the Cannes Film festival 2016. Vonnie (Veronica) played by Kirsten Stewart, and Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) form an intriguing couple in the 56 th film by the New York director. We find all … Read More

Merci Patron!

The film “Merci Patron!”, (Thank you Boss) is about David fighting Goliath or the editor of Fakir, a small magazine from Amiens, in the North of France, trying to unveil in a hilarious documentary, the strange methods used by members of the LVMH group. In order to quiet the discontent of many fired workers from Kenzo, in Poix-du-Nord, a member … Read More

Chocolat, the first black actor in France

  « Chocolat », the new film directed by Roschdy Zem and produced by the Altmayer brothers (Nicolas and Eric), is the charming and sad story of the rise and fall of the first black actor in France. And it is a lovely surprise, thanks to the two main actors, James Thierrée, a confirmed stage actor and Charlie Chaplin’s grandson … Read More

“Spotlight” a true chef d’oeuvre

  If you have not seen this film yet, rush, you don’t have a choice! It is the most exciting, well written script and psychologically well tuned film I have seen for a long time. It only came out last week in Paris and it has become the word of mouth tip since. Everything is bright about it. The characters … Read More

The last good tip of the year!

Some of you have seen it already but in Paris, the film has gone unnoticed since it came out in early December. Bridge of spies is fabulous, it is the real story of a swap between Francis Gary Powers, a young dashing pilot in the cold war, and Mark Ryance, a soviet spy who paints in Brooklyn. The script by the … Read More

Spectre, a 007 film that makes you happy!

The best moment of the week in Paris has been going to see Spectre, the new James Bond movie with Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux and Monica Belluci. It is a long film, 2h 28 mms, and it takes you around the world, from Mexico City to London , Rome, the Austrian Alps, Tangiers and the Moroccan desert. The best entertainment … Read More