Loveless, Faute d’amour, a film you cannot miss

There have been few films this summer that I felt like recommending without hesitation and now I have seen LOVELESS, the Russian film directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, who won the Prix du Jury in Cannes last May, and it is a must see. Don’t wait a second, just go…

Peggy Guggenheim, the Film of an Art addict

It was produced in 2015 in the US and never shown in a movie theatre until Germany in 2016 and Italy at the beginning of the year, and now France has distributed this amazing biographical documentary of Peggy (Marguerite) Guggentheim, the ultimate collector but also a great galerist and a compulsive lover.

Dunkirk, Dunkerque, a bloody good film!

When I came out of the movie theatre at Gaumont Opera, an old lady who could not walk down the stairs turned to me and said : «  what they went through is unbelievable ! » and this is exactly what you feel when you have seen the two hour long fabulous « Dunkirk », written and directed by Chritsopher Nolan, 45, who is better known … Read More

“Dix pour cent”, the series is back

Those of you who live in France might remember laughing endlessly last year when “10%”, the tv series about a talent agency became a huge hit. Well the good news is that the next 6 episodes will be aired on France 2, starting April 19 th. At a time when French politics are becoming more and more nauseous, this hilarious … Read More

Bardejov’s past revisited

What Yuri Dojc, the photographer, and Katya Krausova, the cinematographer, have in common, is to have both left Czechoslovakia in 1968 when Russian tanks invaded Prague. They met when revisiting their Jewish past in Slovakia and, between 2006 and 2013, they followed, each with a camera, the few surviving Jews who had come back from Auschwitz. This « Last Folio », … Read More

Edouard Baer’s new film is a great laugh

At 50, Edouard Baer is back on Radio Nova every morning, making us all laugh at life. And even if his character of Luigi, in his new film “Ouvert la nuit”, is darker than appears, his large smile and his acute sense of humor are a nice way to start the year. And all the actors are fabulous.

An architectural adventure to watch from home

The first film and book produced by this amazing young couple, Louise Lemoine and Ila Bêka, was about Rem Koolhaas’ house in Bordeaux. A very special building, now world famous, conceived after her father Jean-François Lemoine had a car accident that left him very impaired.

Kristen Stewart at her best

If you have loved Kristen Stewart in Woody Allen’s “Café society” and in « Sils Maria » by Olivier Assayas (for which she won a Cesar), you will enjoy seeing her almost in every image of the new film « Personal shopper ». The title is totally deceptive and this has nothing to do with a superficial series on television. … Read More