Paulin, Paulin, Paulin at Sotheby’s

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There is an exhibition which will only last a week at Sotheby’s Paris, from 31 January to February 6, which you should absolutely see and very exceptionally, I am telling you about it before it actually opens: “Paulin, Paulin, Paulin”, is devoted to designer Pierre Paulin‘s work.  His furniture, edited since he died in 2009, by his widow Maïa and … Read More

Lillian across America by foot, and a film

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In 1926, Lillian Alling, a Russian citizen who lived in New York, decided she would walk back to her country through the Bering Straights. Her adventures over two years of deambulation, are filmed by Austrian director Andreas Horvath, in a two hour long tale of her American and Canadian crossing, Lilian. The Polish actress, Patricia Planik does not utter a … Read More

“J’accuse” the new Polanski film on the Dreyfus affair

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“J’accuse”, (An officer and a Spy), the film written by Robert Harris with Roman Polanski, is a riveting enquiry on what went wrong with Capitaine Dreyfus, one of the most famous cases of antisemitism in the world, which took place in December 1894, in Paris. Dreyfusards and antidreyfusards defined who you were at the turn of the century, when this … Read More

J.R. in Brooklyn, a magical adventure!

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You might have heard of street artist J.R., a French born, Brooklyn resident, graffiti-photographer, who uses street art to make the world better. Agnès Varda shot a documentary “Faces Places“, around small French villages with him in 2017,  just before she died last March.  A large retrospective of his actions,” J.R Chronicles” is at the Brooklyn Museum until May 3. … Read More

Woody Allen is back, at his best

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At the press screening in July, journalists were laughing out loud and came out commenting on “the mother scene”. With  “A Rainy Day in New York” Woody Allen brings out one of his excellent films, a color version of “Manhattan” without Gershwin but with a much better version of Mariel Hemingway, Elle Fanning, who looks stunning. All actors are surprising, … Read More

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, a superior film director

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Since I read Dana Goodyear’s fabulous article on Gerhard Richter and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s relationship in the New Yorker last January, I have been dying to see the film “Never Look Away”. It only came out in Paris this week under the title “L’Oeuvre sans auteur“, a straight translation from its German title “Werk ohne autor”. The three hours … Read More

“Mustang”, a violent film directed by a charming young woman

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It’s called “Mustang” in the US and “Nevada” in France, but this is the same film, on the relationship between Mustang horses in Nevada and prisoners. Laure de Clermont Tonnerre is the young director (35) who won Robert Redford’s support at the Sundance festival and was able to produce this amazing fresco of horse therapy for violent prisoners . I … Read More