Au Temps des Cerises, a perfect bistrot!

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Oeufs mayonnaise, just perfect and generously served

There is nothing special about the menu at Le Temps des Cerises, it is just ordinary French bistrot dishes but everything is delicious and home cooked. The waiters are all sweet and attentive, the lunch menu at 18,50€ is unbeatable and the decor is cosy and warm. You can eat outside in the sun on the quiet little rue de la Cerisaie (near St Paul) or inside. One can watch the “habitués”, who obviously come every day, and the public is young and happy.

Filet de daurade with mashed potatoes

Both our fish (bream) and faux filet were excellent and particular tender for the meat. There is also risotto with asparagus and sauteed vegetable, duck and pig or tuna tartar and even snails.

Faux filet with rosemary sauce

For dessert, Crème Brûlée is my favorite  but cannelés and lemon tart are also available.

Au Temps des Cerises, 31 rue de la Cerisaie, open every day for lunch and dinner! Lunch menu at 18.50€. A la carte 50€ plus wine.

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One Comment on “Au Temps des Cerises, a perfect bistrot!”

  1. J’adore cet endroit hors du temps et suis heureuse que tu l’apprécies aussi. En revanche, je te trouve bien sévère avec la reine Camilla.

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