A delicious lunch at “Oui Mon Général”

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Candied aubergine, houmous of beats and yoghurt from Jersiaise with fried capers is a main course

A friend of mine who belongs to the Club des Cent and five other eating clubs, recommended this address, “Oui Mon Général”,  in a quiet street of the seventh arrondissement and I went there with a serious eater who lives in California and was therefore eager to have a real French meal. The place is very busy, the tables are a little too close to each other, but the atmosphere is so sympathique that we ended up talking to our neighbors and comparing our dishes. Everyone is there to taste new flavors and the dishes prepared by Stéphane Reynaud are all very pretty to look at. And the prices reasonable.

The restaurant is very well located near place de Breteuil

Oui mon Général” is what you tell your superior when you are in the army and the restaurant located on rue du General Bertrand takes after Henri Gatien Bertrand, 1773-1844,  a general in Napoléon’s army, who fought in Iéna, Austerlitz, Eylau, Wagram and Essling. His name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe and he accompanied the Emperor to his exile in Sainte Hélène. He also named his eldest son Napoléon and his daughter Hortense Josephine! …and had a son while in Sainte Hélène, called Arthur. He eventually became rector of Ecole Polytechnique in 1830 and took part in the expedition to bring back Napoléon’s ashes from Sainte Hélène in 1840. He is buried in the Invalides.

The delicious pâté en croûte

But don’t worry there is nothing historical about the restaurant which serves hearty food such as tiny sardines from Cantabria in Northern Spain, tuna tartar and sausage in a brioche but also lamb stew. My friend had the black Boudin which was light and delicious and we could have chosen a filet of beef or pork from La Bazoche Gouet in Le Perche. The host, Nicolas Bessière,  is extremely friendly and when I booked on the phone that morning, he was fun and already warm and welcoming.

Nicolas Bessière runs the restaurant while Stéphane Reynaud is the chef

The wine list is excellent and there are many digestives such as Delamain’s cognac Grande champagne, marc de Bourgogne form Georges de Voguë or Laudet armagnac. I was a bit disappointed by the dessert, a rhubarb Pavlova, which had too little rhubarb and was not cooked enough and included a passion fruit sauce which was too strong in taste versus the rhubarb. But it was pretty and the cream was good.

The rhubarb pavlova is very pretty but the passion fruit sauce was too strong

Of course when I discussed it with two friends who live nearby, they told me they go all the time… A real neighborhood bistro, worth crossing Paris for with prices ranging from 70€ to 100€ depending on wine..

“Oui Mon Général”, 14 rue du Général Bertrand. Booking is mandatory.

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6 Comments on “A delicious lunch at “Oui Mon Général””

  1. Nous adorons «  oui mon général »
    Pour l’assiette, sa qualité, sa générosité, et l’ambiance de la salle . Merci Laure , tu sais détecter le meilleur !

  2. L en tête de la carte »le gras c’est le goût «  en dit suffisamment sur l esprit de ce bistrot à découvrir
    Vous en ressortirez de bonne humeur et sans faim

  3. Dear Laure, Thank you once again for your letter on Tuesday. I am always happy to receive it, such a
    good start of the day.
    The variety in topics, your style and wit, hats off!
    Best regards, Erna Saris – Netherlands

  4. Dear Laure, your dining reviews are so engaging. Your appraisal of how well a restaurant’s atmosphere and staff’s attitude revives your spirits (or not) is such a helpful touch. Your seemingly effortless ability to convey your impressions of each course of the meal give your reviews a sense of shared experience for a reader.

    Even when there is a negative item to report, your strategic, measured candor with where an establishment misses the mark gives imparts a feeling of camaraderie with your fellow diners that is heartening.

    Thanks for each little trip to France you give all of us!

  5. Laure – Delighted to read this, my first Paris home was on the rue Général Bertrand, where my young son became acquainted with the Marx Brothers’ films in the 1970s. No good restos nearby back then except Chez Dumonet, still going strong. Cheers, Susan

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