Xmas Presents can be fun…to find

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Sadly you cannot buy Claire de Montesquiou, a real treasure of a friend, who celebrated last year the thirtieth anniversary of her career as an armagnac producer. But you can buy her bottles from Domaine d’Espérance, which come in all ages and make everyone happy around the fireplace. They are made on 45 hectares of vineyard in Mauvezin d’Armagnac an hour … Read More

“Chinoises” is now also in Paris and there are many ideas to steal for Xmas

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You might remember when I told you three years ago about Félicie le Blan’s adventures in Shanghai where she started her company Chinoises. Fashion and decorative accessories are easy to order online (delivery is free in France) and she has developed a new line of plates designed by Filipe Jardim, silk jackets and armchairs and cushions. Everything is elegant and … Read More

Jean Michel Othoniel dresses up the Petit Palais and more

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Walking up the steps of Petit Palais has become a new experience since Jean Michel Othoniel has disguised them with glass blue bricks made in India, with the artisans of a glass village near Agra, and walking around its lush tropical garden is more fun with the gold sculptures and necklaces which adorn the palm trees and small ponds. These are … Read More

At Fleux, candles have a shape and happily no smell

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I was visiting the new exhibition “Surface Horizon with Jean Marie Appriou and Marguerite Humeau” at Lafayette Anticipations, the foundation built by Rem Koolhaas for the Houzé family in the Marais which has helped make the large block on rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie and rue du Plâtre, even more famous than before. And being totally disappointed by the … Read More

Au Nain Bleu is resurrected and it is beautiful

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You might have never have heard of this magical toy shop, Au Nain Bleu, which used to be on rue Saint Honoré at the corner of rue Saint Florentin when the American consulate was still there and when luxury was tasteful. The company owned by Thierry Labey closed in 2006 and after a few misadventures, it has recently reopened at … Read More

Lunch gossips and other important infos

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The celebrated hero of the week is Guillaume Rozier, the inventor of covid tracker, vitemadose.com, a 25 year old data scientist trained in Nancy, who created a website for his friends and family who wanted to find a vaccine anywhere in France. He scrutinizes all the centres which have doses and no customers for them in real time and publishes … Read More

Empreintes celebrates craftworkers in the Marais

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As you know, I love spending a few hours wandering in the Marais and visiting the galleries I know but also discovering new shops every time. I ventured into Empreintes a design space located at 5 rue de Picardie, which opened a few years ago. On the ground floor little presents, earrings, ceramics, seem pleasant enough but nothing extra-ordinary. Once … Read More

An exclusive sale for women with taste

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Since she opened Juste Mauve on rue Greuze in 1973, Anne Marie de Ganay has always surprised me with her eccentric and refined taste. Born in a French aristocratic family with Argentinian connections, she was raised in English and was nicknamed “How do you say begonia in French” (it’s the same word) when she was a debutante. She has closed … Read More