A coffee place which sells rare International cookies

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The tiny coffee boutique is at 44 rue de Varenne

Brûlerie de Varenne is a tiny little shop not far from Hôtel Matignon where you can find Brigitte Macron’s family macarons, the Jean Trogneux macarons from Amiens… Of course you can order them online but for a last minute lunch it is fun to bring something few people have tasted in Paris, like the Spanish D. Sancho Melero cookies which melt in your mouth,  Corsican canistrelli from Salvatori, or meringue almond rocks from Vallée de Chevreuse. There are also Linzer from Alsace, special herb teas from l’Ain in the mountains, and caramelized hazelnuts from Oléron.

Laurent Bouchet-Guillaume is a coffee roaster

They are two partners Laurent and Philippe and select the greatest coffees in the world to roast 10 kilos every day in the shop. The best seller is the Clave de Sol from Honduras at 46€ a kilo. But you can choose one from Papua New Guinea or Ethiopia. Laurent Bouchet-Guillaume is in the business of coffee roasting since 13 years and works the roasting machine in the shop.

Colourful chocolate thistles and macarons Trogneux in the back

Of course you can walk in, just for a cup of coffee, and you will get the full story on where it originates. They don’t sell the stroopwafels, the waffles from Holland which are covered in caramel but they soon will… They listen to their customer’s suggestions and stock their shelves with new curiosities all the time.

Brûlerie de Varenne, 44 rue de Varenne, Paris 7

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6 Comments on “A coffee place which sells rare International cookies”

  1. Si le café est magnifique , les sucreries irrésistibles, le gingembre indispensable l’accueil et le sourire font chaud au cœur.
    Une pépite.

  2. Génial Les douceurs Trogneux ! Je ne les avais imaginées aussi attrayantes et appétissantes. Un vrai scoop. Brillante idée pour un cadeau et les commentaires associés.

  3. Merci Laure !!
    La tentationt commence dès que l’on franchit la porte de ce temple des délices et les 2 propriétaires sont adorables

  4. Merci Laure !
    Je sors de la Brûlerie de Varenne avec une provision de macarons Trogneux …
    Accueil très chaleureux et plein de douceurs à découvrir

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