Veau aux asperges, an old recipe from Périgord

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Jean Lavit, a curator and inspector of Historical Monuments is at present cooking in Saint Jean de Luz and he shared this recipe which dates back from his childhood at his grandmother’s, when the cook from Périgord created marvels. Veau aux asperges (veal with asparagus), is made of onion, carrot, celery and asparagus of course.

Poulet Molière by Joseph de Vilmorin

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Joseph de Vilmorin is probably the best amateur cook I know and he practices his father’s recipes as well as his aunt, Mapie, who was one of the most famous food critic in the sixties in France. He sent us a recipe of Poulet Molière which I cooked yesterday and I found it delicious and easy to reproduce. It’s very … Read More

Scallops are in season!

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I was having posh people for lunch and my fridge had some old endives wanting to be eaten. So I decided to cook scallops with endives (instead of leeks usually) and it was a success. The bitterness of the endives made the fish more interesting and there was rice also as a cushion to smoothen things up. So here is … Read More

A Fish pie by Jackie Budin

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It is a mistake to think that British food is not delicious. One of the best sellers of Parisdiary’s recipes is Coronation chicken which has become the trend in Provence all summer long. I was recently talking to Jackie Budin, an old colleague from Vogue Hommes who has the best fashion eye I know, and who won a César Prize … Read More

Radish tops make great soup too!

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I love radishes pink or black, round or long, for their crusty bite and their bitter taste. And also for the bread and butter that you need to eat with them! But I am always sad to throw away the tops (fane in French) especially when they are fresh and pretty. So last night I decided to boil them with a … Read More

Clara’s Pot au Feu

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Clara Lourenço is a wonderful cook. Not one of those trendy chefs who serve you half a spoonful of beef and call it a bourguignon. And she has her own recipe of pot au feu which she was generous enough to share with us. It is a delight. She shops at Marché de l’Alma every Wednesday and Saturday and picks … Read More

Salvation comes from cooking

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The French spend their time discussing food and even while they are having lunch or dinner, they speak about a past or a future meal. Here are a few pretty dishes which are super easy to make. A stylish ratatouille designed by interior architect Leonie Mason, an endive and salmon eggs starter which I like to serve at home and … Read More