A recipe a week: aillade de veau

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L’aillade de veau by Agathe Velay in Lot et Garonne

There is no need to write about restaurants at the moment, and yet it is important to keep eating well and to share cooking moments with your dear ones. I know that you love seeing food in these pages, so I will send you an easy recipe every week which you can prepare and feel like you are in deep France. The first one was sent by my niece Marguerite Velay who, instead of  traveling to Saint Galen in Switzerland over the week-end, to Paris and Lausanne for her firm Easilys, which gives IT services to restaurants and hotels, is cooking with sister in law Agathe Velay in Lot et Garonne. The family house in Monflanquin, is surrounded by fields, in the area between Bergerac and Villeneuve Sur Lot, north of Agen, the town famous for its prunes.

Confinement house in Monflanquin

The “aillade de veau” for five includes 1 kg rump of veal, 50 g of garlic clove, 60 g of grease, 300 g of tomato concentrate, 60 g of veal stock. Cut the veal in pieces and roast them in a pan with butter or oil. Add the garlic cut in small pieces, the tomato sauce and the stock with salt and pepper. Let it stir for an hour in a cocotte and serve with rice.

Agathe Velay runs the restaurant  “La Vie des Champs” in Geneva

Aillade means garlic (ail) based. It’s an old word for all kinds of bread and garlic recipes.Please send me your easy local recipes with a picture, and I will publish them every week. And share your readings and films. This is a time of solidarity, and food and culture will keep us all happy!

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2 Comments on “A recipe a week: aillade de veau”

  1. Oh remarkable spirit! Dear Laure, thank you for this sustaining ‘pick me up’. We are buoyed by your imaginative seclusion and phenomenal ability to stay connected to everyone & everything – even when you can’t!!! I will institute « Cooking with Laure & her friends » every week. I think I may have found a butcher who delivers in Cambridge ( Julia Child’s famous Savenor),. Stay well. Kyra

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