A world of cheeses that travel

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Order any cheese and you will be delivered 48 hours later.

One of the best Christmas presensts I ever shared was a basket of fresh French cheeses delivered by Fed Ex to a Santa Barbara door step on Christmas eve. The present came from my nephew who resides in Shanghai and had guessed what was most needed by a French family living in America.

With truffles it's even better.

With truffles it’s even better.

Fromages.com was the good fairy that not only delivered on time in 48 hours, but mostly sent the most fabulous cheeses you can find in France. How do they do it ? I have no idea but I repeated the experince a number of times with friends in Great Britain and in the US, and the cheeses were always fabulous. A real vacherin Mont D’Or, a real smelly Epoisse, and all sorts of brie with truffles or heart shaped goat cheeses. This seems to be the best kept secret amongst gourmets and I am sharing it with you.encyclopedie_845_1
This company based in Tours, is so efficient that I suspect some American management behind it all. ?

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  1. I too can vouch for fromages.com, thanks to you ! It is a wonderful organization and as Laure says, they are unbelievably efficient. And of course the cheeses are excellent. xxTHeo

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