An Iksel decor is rejuvenating!

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Qianlong garden from 1790

At the beginning of the year, one is always full of good intentions, like going swimming twice a week, cleaning one’s car thoroughly or entirely revamping the flat. Thanks to a very creative website dedicated to made-to-order decorative wall papers, you can change the decor of your daily life and turn your house into an Oriental garden or a French 19 th century landscape, an Indian or an Iznik design, or go for Pompei or Chinese gardens. With their inventive “papiers peints” created from archives, Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel will advise you on what is best.


Topkapi decor

Mehmet used to be an actor and a playwright. Raised in Switzerland and at Oxford by Turkish diplomat parents, he always had a talent for finding beautiful decors. When thirty years ago, he met Dimonah, the daughter of Iraki/Hungarian jewelers, they created Iksel Decorative arts.

Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel, a fascinating couple with superior good taste

Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel, a fascinating couple with superior good taste

The inspiration for the art comes from real Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Turkish, English, French or Italian antique paintings which they treat digitally and print on large pieces of wall paper (from 225 cm to 280 cm x 90 cm). These are then adapted to your walls. And all information for gluing the wall paper is detailed on the website.

The quality of the reproductions and the « real painting » effect make it a fabulous decor for a bathroom, a hallway, a dining room or a cosy library. It definitely rejuvenates old walls.


An English dining room with Bagatelle wallpaper

Halfway between a stage decor and a fresco, these artworks can change the darkest hole in the wall into a palatial house. Iksel « papiers peints » have been used for luxury shops, palaces and hotels around the world. They are designed in London and Istanbul by the fascinating couple, who lives between the two cities and Paris. And this is the best way to have an original decoration that you will see nowhere else in the world! (

A Lully, Sun King type of decor

A Lully, Sun King type of decor

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5 Comments on “An Iksel decor is rejuvenating!”

  1. Happy New Year Laure!
    I love reading your blog and hearing what you are up to.
    I like the wallpaper and want to book into the Umbria hotel.
    Please look me up if you are coming to London.
    Hope all well.
    Lots of love Laura

  2. Hello Laure. I just sat next to you at the theatre de l’Odeon. The Iksel’s are my friends, and I have made some paintings from their wallpapers.

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