Anne and Patrick Poirier have a “sacred” project in Reims!

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The chapel of Palais du Tau will be restored with stained glass windows by Anne and Patrick Poirier

As we discovered with the Cité du Vitrail in Troyes (which many of you have commented on), stained glass windows are definitely attractive for contemporary artists and the new project developed between Centre des Monuments nationaux and Anne and Patrick Poirier is worth getting involved with. There was an intimate and friendly presentation of their project for the Musée des Sacres at Palais du Tau, in Reims, where  they will present their thirteen 8m x 2m stained glass windows and a fabulous Carrara white marble altar, which looks like it is draped with a tablecloth. The colors for the glass were inspired by the tapestries of the Palais (now called Musée des Sacres) and stones ornamenting the chalices. The shapes are taken after the pleats of the sculptures of saints on the façade of the cathedral. The couple who is 82, looked incredibly young in their similar black pantsuits. And collector Patrice de Laage, who was hosting the get-together, was beaming with joy among his sculptures and paintings.

Anne and Patrick Poirier are at the top of their form

In one room, a large sculpture by Belgian artist Johan Creten, gave the occasion to Olivia Voisin, director of the Orléans museums, to announce her soon to start Creten exhibition all around town on March 22. A large sculpture in the hallway, was admired by  Alexandre Giquello, who is publishing with the Société des Francs Bibliophiles an artist’s book with the Poiriers. Jean Gabriel Mitterrand, their gallerist twas there of course with Laure Martin who organised the evening and is overseeing the project.

Laure Martin organized the evening and will oversea the project as she did with Christo and the Arc de Triomphe

Both Marie Lavandier, President of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux and her predecessor, Philippe Belaval (now Macron’s special advisor), were present, as was Prince Amin Aga Khan and numerous art collectors. The project is estimated at 2 M 7 € and will be part of the new Musée des Sacres. Traditionally French kings were always sacred in Reims except for Louis VI in Orléans and Henri IV in Chartres. Charles X was the last king sacred in Reims since Louis-Philippe (1830-1848) was not.

Project for three of the thirteen windows where the heads of saints are replaced by the sky

The chapel, was built on two levels between 1215 and 1235 after a fire destroyed the Reims cathedral. It faces East, so we will need to visit it in the morning for good light! The Poirier’s stained glass windows will be on the second level. The marble altar will be surrounded by the large gilt candelabra offered by Napoléon to Marie Louise, which will stand in front of the stone columns on elevated pedestals designed by the Poirier.

Anne et Patrick Poirier, model for the future marble altar

The Musée des Sacres will open in 2025 with a renovated chapel and until then, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux is looking for a new Patron, who, like the Rockefellers after WWI, paid for the rebuilding of the Reims cathedral, will help finance this extraordinary project!…

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7 Comments on “Anne and Patrick Poirier have a “sacred” project in Reims!”

  1. Mille mercis, chère Laure, pour ton écho enthousiaste de ce magnifique projet qui
    galvanise Anne et Patrick qui n’aiment rien tant que travailler in situ.

    Je t’embrasse.


  2. I love these artists and their many interventions in public spaces but not convinced this time by their proposal for stained glass windows… not sure … the top bit odfsky looks strange … maybe the proportion is wrong ?

  3. Thank you so much dear Laure for this wonderful article!
    Hope to see you soon and often!
    We’ll let you know the progress of the project.
    Anne & Patrick

  4. Chères Laures, Bravo à toutes les deux.

    Ce projet est magistral et invite à l’élévation.

    Amitiés . Claudette, une fan parmi de nombreux autres, de ces immenses artistes que sont les Poiriers.

  5. Et c’est là un si beau projet que j’espère pouvoir le découvrir à Reims avec enthousiasme au sens propre .
    Bravo à Anne et Patrick Poirier et à leurs fidèles soutiens, Laure Martin et Laure de Gramont.

  6. Admirable logique que celle de ce projet d’autel et de vitraux pour la Chapelle du Palais du Tau à Reims : la draperie de marbre répond aux draperies des vitraux, références claires aux poncifs de la peinture religieuse tout en faisant du trompe-l’oeil un motif d’étonnement qui ne manquera pas de séduire les futurs visiteurs de ce lieu, jusqu’ici fort peu connu du public. Bravo à Anne et à Patrick Poirier! Et bravo au CMN comme à Laure Martin d’avoir lancé ce grand travail!

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