At Christie’s, Man Ray reigns supreme on March 2

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Erik Satie’s pear, box in wood, 1969, 20 000€ to 30 000€, © Man Ray 2025 Trust / ADAGP Paris, 2021

Lucien Treillard was combining two jobs, of teaching French and being assistant to Man Ray in Paris from 1960 to 1976. With his wife, Edmonde, they became the experts of the American artist and curated many shows of his works. Their collection of 188 lots, including 96 photographs and books illustrated by the master, is coming up for sale at Christie’s on March 2 and is visible from February 25 onwards on avenue Matignon.

Self portrait, 1931, 20 000€ to 30 000€, © Man Ray 2025 Trust / ADAGP Paris, 2021

Directed by auctioneer Camille de Foresta, this sale will  include a fun mix of photographs, lithographs, etchings, sculptures and paintings by friends of Man Ray’s like Marcel Duchamp and the artist himself. A picture of Alberto Giacometti in profile, in 1932 (12 000€ to 18 000€), a pipe “Ce que manque à nous tous”, a collage “L’homme Sérieux” photographs of de Chirico, of a handsome Salvador Dali in 1925, of Alexander Calder, of Lee Miller in 1930, Gertrude Stein in 1928 and a lead plaque “The Lovers” constitute the great variety of lots under 10 000€.

Primat de la matière sur la pensée, 1931-1932, 30 000€ to 40 000€, © Man Ray 2025 Trust / ADAGP Paris, 2021

There is series of erotic photos ( 4 000€ to 5 000€) and an etching “Le téléphone rose” made in 1976 at 300€ to 400€. Many postcards by his fellow painters, and group pictures of the artists. There is also a color chart and alphabet  created in 1947, many small drawings, and jokes drawn on wine labels or cigar packs. This exhibition and auction are good ways to visit surrealism again through the unique collection of one couple who spent sixteen years (1960-1976) in the intimacy of the artist and 15 more with his widow, preserving the negatives of his photographs and different works.

Marcel Duchamp, Belle haleine Eau de Voilette, 1921 photograph, 2 000€ to 3 000€ © Man Ray 2025 Trust / ADAGP Paris, 2021

There are lots for every budget and much to discover from this very private collection. Christie’s Paris, on March 2 at 2 pm.

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