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Géode jour

Inside this dome is a 400 seat theatre with a 180° screen and many dreams.

A fabulous sound system and a 1 000 square meter screen for very special films in 70 mm ! This is what the Géode, an Imax movie theatre, is all about since it was inaugurated 30 years ago in La Villette, in the Northern part of Paris.


Ice age Titans

On a recent spring evening, I was invited to a special screening: the word had gone around, that you had to sit as high up as possible. So I climbed to the top of the dome and had a perfect view over the 180° screen where « The Rolling Stones at the Max » was shown. The idea is to feel like you are in the huge arena with the Stones and it works. Mick Jagger in his green redingote is running around like crazy and the cheering crowds of L.A. or Milan are litterally diving into your eyes. Angie, the giant doll is being inflated and deflated during the concert : I felt as excited as I was at Parc des Princes years ago and plan to go back to see the « Rocky Mountain Express » which rides through the Canadian Rockies, a trip I took recently from Vancouver to Lake Louise, in a Greyhound bus and loved ! also of interest the films  “D Day” and “Van Gogh”.Geode_festival_RockyMountain_affiche
And since I know nothing about dinosaurs, I definitely want to take my grand nieces to see « Live dinosaures » in the Gobi desert, Mongolia and New Mexico and the underwater ones. It is a different way to entertain your kids and why not ? (, screenings every hour until July 5th)

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