Bordallo Pinheiro could solve your Christmas presents

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The display of the Boulevard Saint Germain shop is particularly attractive

I always spot the wonderful shop windows on boulevard Saint Germain, of Bordallo Pinheiro from the 84 bus which is my favorite transport to the Latin quarter and I never stop. So this time, I got off and visited the shop at length. It is the perfect china shop for Christmas presents, everything looks familiar to visitors of Portugal and their bowls, jugs, tea pots are so jolly that you cannot leave the shop without an item. For a very modest sum!

Most dishes are inspired by vegetables or fruit

Founded by an artist, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, in 1884 in Caldas da Rainha,(literally hot baths of the Queen), the ceramics factory profited from an area rich in clay since the Middle Ages. The town, situated near Obidos, an hour north of Lisbon, counts nine museums and a ceramics and sculpture school.  The company now belongs to the larger group of Vista Alegre.

Pumpkins or Melon, tomato and beans, all ceramics colors are fun

The company has opened two shops in Paris, one on the left bank in Saint Germain des Prés and one in the trendy Marais, on boulevard du Temple.

I have always loved these Portuguese ceramics which as a tourist I often bought in Cascais or Tavira. They are extremely pretty and useful as bowls but beware because they chip easily. Prices range from 15€ to a few hundreds…

Bordallo Pinheiro, 42 bd du Temple and 260 boulevard Saint Germain.

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