Caillebotte, not the painter, the restaurant

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The lighting is very soft in the trendy decor

I love the 9 th arrondissement, which used to be called La Nouvelle Athènes in the 19 th century, because of all the artists who had their studio there. And Gustave Caillebotte was one of them who worked from place Clichy and painted the area of Gare Saint Lazare extensively. So it was a great relief to have dinner at restaurant Caillebotte last night and to find it absolutely delightful. Daniel Marchesseau, who is preparing a Caillebotte exhibition at Fondation Pierre Giannada in Martigny for next June (the catalog is finished), told me it was a place for the young, which of course immediately convinced me to go. I brought a young and an older companion, to make sure our impressions would be fair. And we all loved the place, which is pretty, the head waiter is charming, and the food was excellent. What else can you ask for?

Octopus, cream of corn, tomato and nut crumble with feta cheese

The menu at 38€ included a tataki de boeuf, octopus, a ravioli of langoustines as starters.  A canette from Challans which was excellent but also a Quasi de veau and fish as main courses. Dessert was roasted nectarine with rosemary sherbet for me and a mirabelle and reine claude (plumb) tart for my friends. Every plate was pretty and tasty. We had a modest pinot noir from Alsace which was great with fish and meat equally. There were two incredibly gorgeous men (one of them American) directly in front of me, which almost prevented me from eating and definitely distracted our whole table.

Nectarines with meringue and rosemary sherbet

There is also outdoor seating in the tiny street which is almost blocked off from cars and a special lunch menu which is at 19€. Altogether, you won’t spend much more than 50€ per person… for a great dinner.

Caillebotte, 8 rue Hippolyte Lebas, Paris 9 Booking on the website. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

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2 Comments on “Caillebotte, not the painter, the restaurant”

  1. Saint-Briac-sur-mer
    Dear Laure,
    What else can I ask for, you write, a propos of this new
    cremerie, but, “and thou beneath a willow tree,” as the poet had it.
    In my Breton captivity, how I should like to go out to a good
    restaurant. A la recherche du teps perdu.
    (Virtual) Hugs

  2. Dear Laure:
    The restaurant sounds worth a trip to Paris, and I hope those two gentlemen read Paris Diary. If they do, I expect they are on the hunt to find you!

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