Fondation Cartier sings with the birds

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Once again, Fondation Cartier is showing a summer exhibition which is playful and gracious, contemporary and for all publics. It is devoted to animals and music and primarily to birds. « Le grand orchestre des animaux » exhibits artists from France, Africa, Japan, Brazil, Detroit and California. And ten films from the Cornell Lab of ornithology are extraordianry moments of … Read More

The Louvre takes a new direction

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After being vice president of Amis du Louvre for twenty years, Louis Antoine Prat, an art historian and drawings collector, has replaced Marc Fumaroli as President. He now reigns over 60 000 members of this active association, which raises 3 to 4 million euros every year for the collections. He has curated many exhibitions of Chassériau, Ingres and Poussin, and is … Read More

Musée Guimet is full of surprises

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Visiting Musée Guimet is like traveling to Cambodia, China, Japan and India the same morning. It is a fabulous adventure of the mind and of the senses. And it is a five minute walk from place de l’Alma.

Annabelle d’Huart, a persistent and eclectic artist

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When she was 18 she could be seen at auctions, buying hyperrealist artists with her sister Lorraine. The vision of the two beautiful sisters, one dark and one blond, was striking, and this is the image I always kept of Annabelle d’Huart. After being an arts photographer in New York and a collaborator of architect Ricardo Bofill in the 1980’s, … Read More

Christo reproduces Christ’s miracle on Lake Iseo

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One needed all the energy of Laure Martin, a long time friend of Christo’s and an art consultant, to get a little group of Toulouse art lovers into the Iseo project this past week. We are in Northern Italy, 90 minutes north of Milano, and not too far from lake Cuomo. The countryside is already mountainous and the lovely little … Read More

Jacques Chirac celebrated at Quai Branly

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The atmosphere was not as festive as it should have been for a tenth anniversary and the reason was that the principal hero was absent. Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac is hosting an exhibition in honor of its founder, the former President of the Republic. His childhood passion for Musée Guimet, his admiration for Chinese statues and Japanese masks or … Read More

Serpette celebrates 70 years of flea market

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It was fun to visit marché Serpette in Saint Ouen, at night and with food and wine served on every stand, and music around the corner. The occasion for this festive evening was the celebration of the 70 years of activity of the most elaborate and largest flea market in Paris. The interior market called Paul Bert is surrounded by many … Read More

Amadeo de Souza Cardoso at Grand Palais

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It’s always puzzling to find out that famous painters abroad, in this case, in Portugal, can remain totally unknown in Paris and around the world. Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso died at 30 in 1918 after having lived in Paris for 8 years at the height of the Montparnasse artistic movement. A friend of Modigliani and Brancusi, he exhibited in Germany and … Read More