Poulet Molière by Joseph de Vilmorin

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The chicken cooks for ten minutes in a pan

Joseph de Vilmorin is probably the best amateur cook I know and he practices his father’s recipes as well as his aunt, Mapie, who was one of the most famous food critic in the sixties in France. He sent us a recipe of Poulet Molière which I cooked yesterday and I found it delicious and easy to reproduce. It’s very tasty with a strong lemon flavor. 

You start with plunging the chicken in egg and milk and flour

For six people, take six chicken breasts, two eggs, 2 large spoons of milk, 130 g of flour, two lemons, a glass of white wine, 40 g of butter and 10 cl of olive oil, 10 cl of vegetal oil, 50 cl of chicken broth or beef broth if you want more taste, parsley for the decor.

Slice the lemon and throw it in a pan with butter for five minutes

Mix the eggs, the milk, salt and pepper in a bowl and pour the flower on a separate plate. Prepare the chicken breasts, peel the fat and little bones off (there are often little bones left on the meat) and slice each piece in the thick and then cut it in two, there should be five pieces per breast. Throw the oil in a large pan and fry gently the chicken which you will have previously rolled in the egg and flour preparation. Do not fill up the pan.

Joseph de VIlmorin at work

You will need to use two sets of cooking. When the chicken is brown (after ten minutes), take it out of the pan and set it on paper so that the oil disappears. Then slice one lemon very thin and throw it with butter in a clean pan. Keep the other lemon for the juice. Throw the lemon juice with the glass of white wine once the lemon have cooked a little. Then add the 50 cl of broth. Let everything thicken a bit.

It takes a little skill to achieve such a beautiful poulet Molière

Then throw the liquid into the pan with the chicken and let it simmer for a few minutes. Add some parsley for the decoration and serve on a pretty dish! Preparation time 40 mns.

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