A Colombian feast at Colette’s

Kristina McLean and her trendy guide book to Bogotá (photo Rurik Ingram)

There was a double news that evening at Colette, the it store on rue St Honoré which is celebrating its twenty years. Kristina McLean was presenting her alternative guide book to Bogota, Columbia’s trendy capital city which is a hip destination with Carthagena and its music and book festivals in January. And Colette was announcing its closing at Christmas. A sad news for all the hipsters who flock there as soon as they land in Paris but maybe the start of another project by Colette’s daughter?

Cooky Santo Domingo, Esteban Cortazar and Chiqui Echavarría at Colette (photo Rurik Ingram)

The whole of the Colombian community had flocked to Paris to join the Colombian ambassador and the reggae rapper J. Ballin. The theme of the evening was set by Esteban  Cortazar a cool designer who had redecorated the shop for the occasion. Downstairs the bar was serving rum cocktails provided by la Hechicera. At 8 pm the party moved on to the Quai de l’Horloge where more rum was served in a tropical garden on a barge with a great dancing floor for the latinos who danced salsa all night.

The famous Colette is closing at Christmas

There is word that Yves Saint Laurent will be replacing Colette in 2018 in the few blocks of rue Saint Honoré beyond Place Vendôme which have become the trendy spot near the Louvre. In the meantime, you can still find special editions of shoes and clothes specially edited for Colette. (213 rue Saint Honoré, Paris 1)

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  1. Julián Hernández

    Thanks for your article, I totally love it. Could it be Colombia your next destination for holidays?. Let us know!

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