Coronation chicken, a great British summer classic

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I first had it at an after wedding brunch two years and then, an English friend reminded me of it last summer. This cold chicken salad, invented for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, has many Commonwealth ingredients such as curry powder and mango chutney. And what makes it lovely is its sweet and sour taste. I have been going around France last year with my recipe and ingredients and all my hosts seemed happy. So here it is for your summer.

Mango chutney

For six portions, get six chicken breasts, a few spoons of mayonnaise, curry powder, half a tin of mango chutney, (soaked) raisins, almonds, coriander. Roast the chicken in a pan for ten minutes. Cut it in small pieces. Mix in, the mayonnaise and the curry powder. You should taste all the time and make the curry as strong or mild as you like it. Don’t put too much mayonnaise, otherwise it will be oily. Add the chutney and the raisins which should have soaked for a few hours beforehand.

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953

Grill the almonds if you have the courage, otherwise just pour them on the salad and add a little coriander at the end for color and taste. You can make it the day before, it gets even better.

I made it for 20 people and it took me an hour…Ideal for summer lunches…

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