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On the prototype of Citroën Experience concept, wing mirrors become cameras inside the car and there are no more handles, the key opens electronically

The mat green Mercedes

The mat green Mercedes

I love Mondial de l’automobile which takes place every other year in Paris. I love the design of the cars, I love the lighting and the sound. I love all the men who are fascinated by the new technics and I love dreaming about my new car. This year, I concentrated on electric new models and I found two that I want to try : the Bmw i3 and the Renault Zoé edition one.

Prototype of Mercedes Maybach with no handles and no mirror

Prototype of Mercedes Maybach with no handles and no mirror

But there were many details that struck me as new. The mat painting of Mercedes and BMW’s in white, green, grey and black. I hate it but my brother Guy loves it so I suppose it is a man’s thing. The new 6 m long red Mercedes Maybach fascinated me with its line on the back looking like a Porsche and on the front like a Ferrari. It is worthy of a James Bond film and there are no handles, and no wing mirrors which are replaced by interior cameras ! The line is completely pure.

The Fiat Cinquecento Riva is a super luxurious 500 made with the famous boat company

The Fiat Cinquecento Riva is a super luxurious 500 made in association with the famous boat company

I looked at every hybrid and electric car and the most sensible seems to be the Renault Zoé edition one which has a 400 km autonomy (more than any I saw) perfect for a small Parisian car. It comes in grey, red and white and costs around 22 000 €. My other choice would be the Bmw i3, a little larger, less autonomous (300 km with the prolongation on gas) and more expensive around 36 000€.

A special edition of smart designed by All gone street

A special edition of Smart designed by All gone street

Toyota is still the champion of hybrids with the Prius and I saw one which can be plugged and has a solar roof, which adds a little energy. It is the favorite car of taxi drivers in Paris.

The electrical BMW, i3

The electrical BMW, i3

So you already understood that this year’s salon was quieter than usual but it is still incredibly fun to discover all the new technology developed around cars. Peugeot has a 308 hybrid with 500 ch, which drives up to 250 km/h and Smart also has an all electric car perfect for the city. But the best colors were at BMW with a kaki green for their X1 sDrive 18 d. (until October 16, Porte de Versailles)

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