Eva Jospin once again creates a surprise!

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A fantasy temple in cardboard (detail of a larger sculpture)

For her second solo show at Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Eva Jospin once again excels. She delivers a new series of architectural folies in cardboard and light wood which compete with the forests she has accustomed us to seeing. After her huge creations at  Cour Carrée du Louvre in 2016, and galerie Beaupassage last year, we can see the evolution of her art, which is now also inspired by Roman antiquity, illusory architecture, trompe l’oeil and religious temples. 

Eva Jospin invents meticulous details for this forest

For this show, Eva Jospin introduces a tiny bit of color, plaster and bronze. Her grottos, temples, dream constructions tell a story or a fairy tale which contain great mysteries and secrets. Each piece takes months to sculpt and assemble and there is great joy coming out of these sculptures.I once met the artist at a screening she was attending with her parents, former Prime minister Lionel Jospin and philosopher Sylviane Agacinski. They were chatting away with passion and laughter, a very different reality from the stern public image they project. This is also how they are perceived on Ile de Ré when they vacation.

Eva Jospin admits to having looked at many Renaissance gardens and paintings which inspire her, but the originality of her material is unique. There are a number of ink drawings which mirror her sculptures and the fairly limited space of the gallery on rue Pastourelle seems to explode with her creativity.

A very large “reverie” in juxtaposed cardboard, occupies the whole first room of the gallery

Do not miss this unique show. Until July 26, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, 7 rue Pastourelle, Paris 3

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2 Comments on “Eva Jospin once again creates a surprise!”

  1. Enduring images of apparently millennia-old architecture, and yet made from such evanescent materials. Very satisfying and evocative.

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