Frédérique Morrell creates magic at Deyrolle

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Frédérique Morrell, stuffed young deer with tapestry

Frédérique Morrell has been around and yet I had never heard of her! You might have seen her windows for Hermès on Madison avenue in April 2014, or her 2018 summer exhibition in Aubusson at Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie. Now is your chance to discover this amazing artist, who uses vintage tapestry to cover stuffed animals. And Deyrolle, the temple of wildlife since 1831 on 46 rue du Bac, was the perfect spot for her to show her art. I fell on it by complete chance and loved it. So here it is.

A horse carries a chest on its body at Deyrolle, photo Thomas Block

There is special poetry and a lot of eccentricity in her creations but both can work in any country house of large flat. Morrell mixes deer woods with boars and rabbits. And the presence of beautiful wild stuffed animals at Deryolle makes her pieces even more at home. She obviously has a predilection for unicorns but also features parrots. Make sure to go by, it’s irresistible!

Among the collections of Deyrolles, a perfect seat in tapestry, photo Thomas Block

Deyrolle is a taxidermist  at 46 rue du Bac and also sells gardening accessories as well as insects and charming stuffed cats and deers. There is an online shop. And with the opening of the hunting season, you might want to have your deer foot immortalized there.

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