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A salmon festival at Flora Danica

A salmon festival at Flora Danica

One used to go to Caviar Kaspia or Maison du Caviar on the Champs Elysées for a late supper after a play or a concert. But caviar being what it is, no more.  I recently found a similar elegant atmosphere at Maison du Danemark at the top of the Champs Elysées, while having a light dinner at their brasserie Flora Danica.

There were enough Parisians and local stars (actor Lambert Wilson and entourage) for us to feel happy. The waiters are just delightfully old style. I chose my favorite dish, the Gilbert Bécaud marinated salmon with warm potatoes and cream. But I could have picked the “saumon à l’unilatérale”, the salmon, perfectly cooked on one side only, or a plate with a choice of four different smoked fish. The bread with all sort of grains is incomparable. And a  couple of glasses of aquavit fit perfectly with the 1950’s Danish furniture. Denmark being the country of great architects and designers, this was a very soft way into a romantic night.


Back to the fifties with the best Danish design

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  1. Heavenly! I still remember my saumon à l’unilatérale at your suggestion when we went to the Cité de la Musique … quite a few years ago!

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