Galerie Pixi is the new salon for Marc Boisseuil’s collages

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The collages (or embroideries) are made of paper, fabric and paint assembled in an extraordinary patchwork

Galerie Pixi run by Marie Victoire Poliakoff, was the nicest stage, last Thursday night, for the opening of Marc Boisseuil‘s new exhibition of collages “Des Siècles en lambeaux” (until March 3).  The turn out of old friends and collectors was brilliant with Gustave de Staël and his wife  Elena Prentice, both artists, couture designer Adeline André, and Georg Lux creative director of Leonard. The conversation was fun around the success of the blockbuster Nicolas de Staël‘s retrospective at MAM, which is traveling to Fondation de l’Hermitage in Lausanne on February 9, and soon hopefully to New York. Curated largely by his son, it attracted the crowds all winter. The artist Sarah Floch Poliakoff  (daughter of Marie Victoire and artist Floch) was also there, attending to everyone’s needs. At the moment she has a monumental work on boulevard Haussmann covering the façade of beauty shop Aroma Zone and is preparing an exhibition for Galerie Clavé.

Sarah Floch Poliakoff, Façade of Aroma Zone at 73 bd Haussmann

But to come back to Marc Boisseuil, everyone admired the evolution in his art and the extreme sophistication of his collages. Described as a city and country boy, a social and solitary man, generous and modest, he is very attached to his property in Ségur-le-château, near Limoges, where he plants beautiful trees and yet is a true Parisian, full of positive contrasts. He is the most charming of companions and a great connoisseur of beauty. And the friendly and sophisticated atmosphere at the Pixi gallery is perfect for his works.

Marc Boisseuil in front of his wall of collages

Wearing all his decorations, Arts and Letters and the Legion of honor, the artist was chatting to everyone and introducing guests like pianist Ismène de Dampierre and collector Bernard Galateau. Diplomat Pierre Morel, like the Poliakoffs, de Staël and Serge de Proutchenko, has strong ties to Russia (his wife Olga Bazanoff was Russian) where he was French ambassador. They all brought even more exoticism to the evening. Marina de Lasteyrie du Saillant, who wrote the brilliant text on Boisseuil in la Gazette du Boudoir, the newspaper of the gallery, came with her husband Paul. They are neighbors in Corrèze. The mix of very International artists and close friends was wonderful and mirrored Marie Victoire Poliakoff’s flair for running. She serves wine and cookies almost every week on rue de Seine and  like me, she tries to fight electronic relationships and likes to connect her friends and clients.

Marie Victoire Poliakoff with artists Gustave de Staël and his wife Elena Prentice

The party ended in the private room of le Hibou, a block away at Carrefour de l’Odéon, where everyone was very happy. So was I on my way home, feeling that there are still places in Paris where affection and style are more important than grumbling about everything.

Do visit “Des Siècles en lambeaux” (Centuries in shreds) at Pixi Gallery, 95 rue de Seine (until March 3). Each collage is  1 500€ and they look wonderful as a pair. A book on the exhibitions by psychoanalyst Vincent Pélissier can also be acquired.

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  1. “still places in Paris where affection and style are more important than grumbling about everything.” That part of your sentence brightened my day. So reassuring that these things still do happen. Best, Jess Thompson Huberty

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