Happy May Day and long live Brad Pitt

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Happy May Day with lots of Lily of the Valley

On May 1, our Labour Day, the whole of France sells or picks Lily of the valley. So if you don’t have any in your garden here is a little bouquet for you. May its divine perfume stay with you all year! and to amuse you on this holiday, read the new biography which Frédéric Mitterrand, the former culture minister and cinema lover, has written of Brad Pitt. It is only in French for the moment but it is hilarious. For Paris Match, Mitterrand chose to dress as some of the magnificent actor’s parts and in the book, you will feel that you are moving along with the actor. Writer and actor melt together.The cover shows how incredibly attractive Brad is and illustrates well the writer’s declaration: ” I love him”. The book opens on a long description of his (definitely naughty) part in “Thelma and Louise”, the film by Ridley Scott which was the break out movie of his career. Mitterrand’s narrative style is unique, and he could write any story, it would be fun to read. The biography is really a novel that the author has dreamed with his huge culture of Hollywood actors and sceneries. Since childhood, Frédéric has always been fascinated by old actresses and he has, throughout his life, managed movie theaters, been the anchor on television for movie programs and directed historical documentaries. There are two strong points to the book: the description of the movie world, including Albert Finney’s influence on Brad, his abstinence from drugs which probably saved him, his relationship with his coach and later his agent and his threatening Harvey Weinstein when he tried to bring Gwyneth Paltrow to his hotel room…

Mitterrand as Brad Pitt in Paris Match

From his multiple houses including his vineyard in Brignoles, South of France to his multiple girlfriends and wives, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, we follow the depressed actor who is endlessly stalked by pretty and daring girls. With this book, Mitterrand hopes to attract the actor’s attention… He certainly attracted the media with the pictures published in Paris Match…where he is costumed as Brad Pitt.

“Brad” is published by XO editions

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5 Comments on “Happy May Day and long live Brad Pitt”

  1. I can’t wait to read this book in translation! I have been a devoted Brad fan for a long time and love his talents and contradictions. Thanks for making me aware of this quirky book.
    Much love to you Laure,

  2. I remember a cherished day many years ago with you and your family on a “treasure hunt” through the forests of La Ramée to probe the ground foliage for the bewitching le muguet. We filled buckets with the little heavenly blooms!

  3. I am glad to say I have a small patch of lilies of the valley in the front garden which I take care of, outside our building here in NYC. Several of the lilies are flowering this year. And the other day when I saw a big patch of them next to the Bridle Path around the Reservoir in Central Park, I immediately thought of you, Laure!

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