Happy May First! and lots of lily of the valley.

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Lily of the valley sells everywhere in France on May 1

I don’t know if in your country, you can find and pick lily of the valley, but all around France, we celebrate “Labor Day” on May 1st and anyone can sell these flowers as long as they are away from a flower shop. It traditionally helped  communist party members to raise money, now it is just a lovely way to celebrate!

So here is the product of my picking! I just wish you could smell it too.

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5 Comments on “Happy May First! and lots of lily of the valley.”

  1. Luckily I have lots of lily of the valley in my garden. I pick a small bunch and put them right in front of me on the table, to enjoy the sight and the wonderful smell.

  2. A few years ago a friend gave me some baby plants of lily of the valley. This spring the first one flowered. One of my local parks, Carl Schurz Park, also has a nice big patch of them. So lovely.

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