I look forward to… in January 2024!

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Simon Zhu, laureate of the Paganini Prize plays at the Louvre on January 23

I know you like to see in advance what is going to happen next year on the cultural front. So besides the Olympics which are going to cramm Paris from July 26 to August 11, there are many fun events starting in January. If you are a generous Friend of the Louvre, the gala concert featuring the laureate of  Premio Paganini, Simon Zhu, a young German violinist who plays with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra will take place on January 23 with Dutch pianist Gile Bae. it starts with a visit of the renovated Puget courtyard and the concert takes place in the Marly courtyard. Bach, Beethoven, Paganini and then Chopin are on the menu. It should be quite a fantastic moment.

Martin Bruneau, Le Puits Noir, Vallée de la Loue, Doubs, photo Isa Bordat

Go to one of the first openings of the New Year at Galerie Isabelle Gounod on Saturday, January 6, 13 rue Chapon. Canadian painter Martin Bruneau went on the trail of Gustave Courbet in Vallée de La Loue, in the Doubs, and shows his recent paintings of very wild landscapes until March 2.

I will go and see  Côme de Bellescize‘s new production “Mondial Placard” by his company Théâtre du Fracas, at Théâtre Tristan Bernard. From 19 January to 31 January, tickets are at 28€. It won the Prize Théâtre 2023 by Fondation Barrière and seems very funny.

“Mondial Placard” at Théâtre Tristan Bernard

“Demain est annulé” at Fondation EDF, is the title of a show, where 23 artists  have worked on the theme of sobriety and they will make us a dream of a better world in the future… The space, located next to the Cigale Récamier restaurant, always has interesting exhibitions of contemporary art and entrance  is free.

Leandro Erlich, “Pulled by the roots” 2015 at Fondation EDF

On January 30 at IMA, Institut du Monde Arabe, French orientalist artist Etienne Dinet (1861-1929) will have 80 of his paintings exhibited for the first time since 1930 in “Passions Algériennes”. He adopted Algeria as a second country when he travelled there in 1884, and settled in the oasis of Bou-Saâda on the border of the Sahara desert. He converted to Islam in 1913 and went on pilgrimage to Mecca in 1929 just before he died.

Etienne Dinet, “Love Slave and light of the eyes”, at IMA, photo Hervé Lewandoswki

At Musée Picasso, paintings are coming back (on January 29) at last, after the disaster of Sophie Calle’s show, with “Dans l’appartement de Léonce Rosenberg, De Chirico, Ernst, Léger, Picabia”. The dealer Rosenberg lived at 75 rue de Longchamp between 1928 and 1929 and he associated old and modern art deco furniture to sculptures and paintings of the time. Curated by Juliette Pozzo and Giovanni Casini this show of decorative arts should be quite extraordinary.

Francis Picabia, “Pavonia”, 1929 at Musée Picasso on January 29

And if you are travelling to Switzerland, don’t miss, at Fondation Beyeler, the Canadian Jeff Wall’s exhibition on January 28. Fifty photographs shot over 5 decades will show what a precursor he was in his art. Conceived with the artist, the show focuses on his most recent works.

Jeff Wall, “Milk”, 1984 at Fondation Beyeler

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15 Comments on “I look forward to… in January 2024!”

  1. I read your blog and am immersed in Paris life without leaving my home here in the Scottish highlands.
    Laure is a weaver images essences and life.
    Delightful stuff.

  2. Chère Laure je te souhaite une merveilleuse année 2024 ! Continue à nous enchanter avec ton blog dont je ne rate jamais une semaine. Mille mercis.

  3. Merci pour tes vœux chère Laure, tu nous offres toujours des découvertes passionnantes … Merci pour toutes ces nouvelles, merci pour ce regard ces critiques justes et drôles. A bientôt , Amitiés, Sabine

  4. 2024 à bien commencé avec La Lettre du Mardi ! Depuis longtemps, je suis toute l’année ce qui se passe ailleurs, c’est un bonheur et Merci, Merci et j’aime lire de temps en temps les commentaires de membres de ma famille et aussi quelques amis !
    Bonne et heureuse nouvelle année .

  5. Chère Laure, ton blog est formidable, j’adore !! et je suis tes conseils ! Très bonne année et à bientôt j’espère. Andrea

  6. Bonjour Laure,
    à toi et à ton blog heureuse est sereine année !
    Francesca Barra m’a envoyé ton journal . J’espère faire part de ta liste.
    Bien toi

  7. Chère Laure de Gramont,
    Très reconnaissante que vous citiez l’exposition que nous consacrons actuellement à l’artiste Martin BRUNEAU “Laisser parler les arbres”.
    Merci pour vos partages…
    Isabelle GOUNOD

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