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Broceliande sheets

If you have never tried a pair of linen or Egyptian cotton sheets, this is the time and place start. It took me about forty years to understand that and then, I got addicted. “Vis à Vis” is a fairly new shop hidden in a courtyard of Faubourg St Honoré, between Lanvin and Gucci. The atmosphere is cold and intimidating at first, but once you have asked a hundred questions to the nice saleswoman, it feels a bit warmer.

Cactus trees remind me of Tequila

Cactus trees remind me of Tequila

And the answers are: Yes! everything is embroidered and stitched by hand, Yes the design is done by one of the few home stylists, Yes you can order any design you like to match your plates (for a table cloth) your moods or your dreams (for sheets). And Yes it is quite expensive, out of reach even for normal purses but… I would personally choose, little cactus tree napkins, to remind me of the city of Tequila in Mexico, the monuments of Paris (Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame or Montmartre) on a cushion (appr €250) and Broceliande embroideries for my sheets. This boutique is a luxurious and soft way to navigate through life! (14 Fbg St Honoré and at the Bon Marché)

Paris monuments on a cushion

Paris monuments on a cushion

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2 Comments on “Indulge in softness”

  1. On vient d’acheter un nouveau lit qui parait-it est le nec plus ultra. But bed so expensive not sure I can afford expensive sheets too though these look lovely.

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