Isabelle Langlois is a whimsical jeweler near place Vendôme

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Isabelle Langlois showing off her Peridot rings

It was a fun occasion, the cocktail party at Isabelle Langlois‘ jewelry shop next to Place Vendôme. The theme was Peridot, the green semi precious stone, and she was dressed in a perfect combination of purple and spring green. The hors d’oeuvre were all pale green and the drinks were mojitos and champagne with a green touch. We met some years ago while both working for Condé Nast in Paris, and reunited recently through golfing friends. She is a great designer and her rings, earrings, and pins made in Thailand by her brother, are more ravishing one than the other.

The interior of the shop is a cozy little boudoir

I am not particularly attracted to jewelry but love colorful stones and each piece she showed me of her “Panache” (with irresistible feathers) from 1 120€ and “Pointilliste” line are interesting. A mosaic of colors reminds us of Georges Seurat with the rings in blue topaz, peridots and saphires starting at 2 450 €.

Bee, pin or earring, peridot, diopside on pink gold, 1 800€ a pair

Earrings can be adapted to non pierced ears and/or turned into pins. Every special order is possible and the whole shop is as whimsical as the designer.

This is the perfect present for a graduation or an engagement ring…

Panache ring with pheasant feather, prasiolite, peridot, green tourmaline, diamond and white gold, 5 000€

Isabelle Langlois is at 29 rue Danielle Casanova next to Charvet.

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3 Comments on “Isabelle Langlois is a whimsical jeweler near place Vendôme”

  1. Mmmm, peridot is magic!

    I am on Nevis for 4 weeks, going back to NYC on May 12th.

    Happy Spring to you Laure!

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