Kraemer Gallery opens a pop up store on avenue Matignon!

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Jan van Kessel the Younger, six still lives on copper with a pair of  Louis XV “ployants” attributed to François Foliot

I ran into Patrick Hourcade last week and this former stylist from Vogue who worked closely on Karl Lagerfeld’s art collections, is full of new projects in photography and sculpture. While his garden decors in Vaux le Vicomte have inspired a New York museum to hire him, he did the scenography of a chic pop up store on 1 avenue Matignon for the antique dealers Kraemer. It used to be the Drugstore and then the FIAT cars show room. For the next six months it exhibits a mixture of 18 th century furniture and contemporary paintings with two Tiepolo in a weird space which still has an elevator for the cars and a bar upstairs with a view.

Alain Kraemer represents with his brother and cousin the young generation of dealers with a cabinet in ebony by Alexandre Jean Oppenordt and a painting by Ghanaian painter Amoako Boafo, 2012

The partners in the adventure are Eric Coatalem, whose main gallery is on Faubourg St Honoré, De Jonckheere from Geneva,  the jewelers Martin du Daffoy from Place Vendôme, Galerie Daniel Gervis on rue de Grenelle, and Féau Boiseries on rue Laugier. They have in common their International clients which come from the gulf and the US, and stay in hotels close to avenue Matignon which is now, thanks to Christie’s and Gagosian, the center for luxury art shopping in Paris.

Patrick Hourcade played with the awkward space to show paintings and decorative works

There is something a little irritating about the Kraemer gallery where all pieces are always described as coming from Versailles or the Austrian court, but one has to admit that the exercise is interesting. The main gallery of Parc Monceau had successfully exhibited in 2015, 18 th century armchairs covered with contemporary fabrics. Inspired by the young cousins, this is a new way to show that classical furniture should be acquired by the young generations of tech wealth. A fun and rare Futura 2000 canvas features in the selection as well as six still lives on copper by Van Kessel the Younger and a large Paul Delvaux presented by De Jonckheere. Eric Coatelem shows two scenes of “Roman History” by Tiepolo painted in gold on black. Very decorative. Daniel Gervis has a “Boulangerie” by Joaquin Torres Garcia. 

Futura 2000, Untitled, 1989

You can take advantage of your visit there to see the new shows on Jean Prouvé at Perrotin and Collin Sekajugo on the 20 th at Nathalie Obadia around the corner.

Chefs d’oeuvre au Rond Point, 1 avenue Matignon, open every day except Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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