A La Réserve, a very special home

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The swimming pool is 52 foot long and built in pierre de Bourgogne

I wonder if Lady Antonia Fraser will decide to leave Hotel Meurice to stay in this elegant new hotel, La Réserve, which has without question, the prettiest swimming pool in the Champs Elysées gardens. As she tells us in her new autobiography « My History » (Weidenfeld & Nicolson), she has always been a keen swimmer and cannot survive without her holidays in Cornwall and the weekly exercise !

The hotel which is the talk of the town since it opened two weeks ago, has the best views of Paris overlooking the Grand Palais, the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower (which glitters by reflexion in the mirrors of the bar on the hour). My friend Denys, who lives next door, was impressed by the fabulous decor created by Jacques Garcia, with real antiques in the bedrooms and the Victorian salon. The fireplace is lit with gas but still makes the fire alarm ring ! A team of ten has come from Geneva to organise a perfect opening and I must say the margarita and pisco sour prepared by Matthieu were perfect. The Cordoue leather in the dining room is a little masculine but more decoration is yet to come. La Réserve is conceived as a private home and everyone should feel very confortable. The jardin d’hiver will be perfect for tea and the winner is without contest the library which feels like a Gentlemen’s club with a pretty “smoking” room next door. I will certainly go for breakfast or a light meal after a play at Theatre du Rond Point, a nice way to start or end the day in luxury. The hotel is located a few hundred meters from the Elysée Palace, Christie’s and Galerie Gagosian and should draw a strong clientèle of Parisians who like intimate hotel bars and the Spa. As for the 26 suites and swimming pool, I am waiting for Prince charming to take me!


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2 Comments on “A La Réserve, a very special home”

  1. I love the pool (must find out what pierre de Bourgogne is) and the blue-green fabric of the Library – but is the library ceiling is a bit pale? should it have some … gold??!

  2. Laure,

    Sorry not be your prince charming, but this evening you were my charming princess
    in front of your margarita.
    Fun to see you
    visiting this definitely “non minimalist” place, making witty remarcks,
    fun to read what you have done out of it.
    Your blog is definitely accurate.

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