Last minute for Le Tan’s auction at Sotheby’s

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Pierre Le Tan’s interior recreated at Sotheby’s for the auction

This is your last chance to bid at Pierre Le Tan‘s auction of drawings and objects at Sotheby’s today. This wonderful illustrator who started working very young for the New Yorker,  died in December 2019. He left a very pretty collection of works by his contemporaries, but also Asian lacquer boxes, islamic art, fabrics, books. The intimacy of an artist is always interesting to penetrate. And there are many affordable paintings by Christian Bérard, a portrait of him by David Hockney and his portrait of Hockney.  But also many of his drawings are for sale (starting at 3 000 €), and Emilio Terry, Foujita, Jean Hugo…  His taste was refined and impeccable. At Sotheby’s on the 16 th at 2 pm and on Internet until the 17 th.

Piere Le Tan, David Hockney

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One Comment on “Last minute for Le Tan’s auction at Sotheby’s”

  1. Interested in the arts in general. I’ve written about artists and their museums in the Riviera (Abrams 1998) and an award winning film Un modèle pour Matisse: la Chapelle du Rossaire des Domincaines de Vence (English subtitled version exists aussi. Interests in these areas well as world wide textiles, indigenous people and their work, contemporary works in arts, architecture, etc, etc!!!

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