A Dolce Vita not so sweet

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Vittorio Zecchin, ONe and thousand nights, 1914, © Musée d’Orsay,

Vittorio Zecchini, “One and thousand nights”, 1914, © Musée d’Orsay,

It starts with furniture by Bugatti (the brother of… ) and Eugenio Quarti, presented at the Universal exhibition of Turin in 1902. An amazing painting by Pelizza da Volpedo, « The Mirror of life », shows a series of sheep following each other. So funny and so true ! In a small room full of Vittorio Zecchinis, one discovers the versatility of this artist with a mosaic of the Rois Mages, many glass artifacts collected by Mitchell Wolfson, Jr and the painting of « One and thousand nights » with gold chips painted over the canvas. Quite magical.

Carlo Bugatti, Chair, 1902, © Musée d’Orsay,

Carlo Bugatti, Chair, covered in parchment, 1902, © Musée d’Orsay,

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Irv Yalom, a psychotherapist, a writer and now an actor

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Marilyn and Irv Yalom celebrating at 80

Marilyn and Irv Yalom celebrating at 80

It is incredibly brave to direct a documentary on a psychotherapist and this is what the Swiss director Sabine Gisiger,  spent the last four years doing, after reading most of Irv Yalom’s books, including “Love’s Executioner” which was translated into 30 languages. The result, “Yalom’s cure” is a fascinating 72 mn interview of the great American psychotherapist and novelist, featuring his wife and himself in a “Guide to happiness”. The film which comes out in theaters in France on May 20 th,  starts with strong beautiful images of a large commercial ship cruising through the San Francisco bay.

A brilliant young boy raised in Washington

A brilliant young boy raised in Washington

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A tiny coffee shop on a famous street

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Muffins and carrot cake on Fbg St Honoré

I was walking past the British Embassy on Faubourg St Honoré when I spotted a small sign on the sidewalk : “Honor” with an arrow leading to a courtyard at n°54. Real estate is so high on this street that many shops are actually hidden in the back.  Behind Burberry, Cuchinelli and Moschino,  I found  the most charming little coffee shop selling muffins and carrot cake, a true British enclave designed by Studio Dessuant Bone’s very talented Marie and Phil.Read More

Versailles in gold and green

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Jean Michel Othoniel and Louis Benech joined talents for a sensational new Bosquet

Jean Michel Othoniel and Louis Benech joined talents for a sensational new Bosquet du Théâtre de l’Eau

Issey Miyake with Catherine Deneuve

Designer Irie with Catherine Deneuve

« Come at 7 pm through the « Grille de la Reine » said the invitation and we were just too happy to drive inside the parc de Versailles past the Trianon Palace hotel and look at the sheep having their Sunday night supper in the sunset. The new “Bosquet du Théâtre d’Eau”, resurrected by gardner Louis Benech, contemporary artist Jean Michel Othoniel and last but not least, amazing Catherine Pégard, President of Versailles, was being inaugurated. Discreetly posted in the back, stood Joël Cottin, the Head Gardner, who will be in charge of nursing the bosquet.Read More

Antony Gormley strikes in Pantin

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Anthony Gormley’s “Big” series of cast iron stelae in Thaddaeus Ropac gallery, Pantin

I braved the bad weather and the traffic on the Périphérique, passed the sad Philharmonie at Porte de Pantin and jumped into this disinherited suburb of Paris where Thaddaeus Ropac, the very worldly Austrian gallerist, opened, some four years ago, a very large exhibition space, in a former foundry.Read More

American Icons in Paris and in Aix en Provence

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72 DPI_Philip Guston

Philip Guston, Back View, 1977

I had the feeling of being in Marfa, Texas, at the Guggenheim, at the Whitney, at MoMA all at the same time. And yet, I was just visiting a small exhibition of very high quality American artists at the Grand Palais in the center of Paris.
Eleven small rooms with just the perfect selection of « iconic » American paintings : these came from the San Francicso Museum of Modern Art and from the 1 100 pieces lent by the Donald and Doris Fisher collection. They will travel to Provence at Musée Granet in Aix, from July 11 to October 18.Read More

The Tudors, a real fashion show

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72dpi_dapres Holbein_Henri VIII

Henry VIII, after Holbein. © West Sussex, Petworth House, National Trust

I have to admit it, I plunged back into Rebecca Fraser’s « A People’s History of Britain » (Chatto and Windus) in order to understand the dates and filiations of the Tudors. At a time when Shakespeare’s « Henry VI » (the play on the French and English king is directed by Thomas Jolly) is a hit at Ateliers Berthier in two 9 hour shows, the new exhibition at Musée du Luxembourg is a fabulous short cut to understanding History. It is also a true fashion show.

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A new reason to go to Hôtel Drouot!

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Choosing a Scotch! The brass sculpted wall by Erwan Boulloud was commissioned by Jean Claude Binoche

The auction house, Hôtel Drouot has always been a place of fascination and sometimes a very intimidating one for visitors. Now that it has added a restaurant and bar, « l’Adjugé » in the hall, it should be even livelier than ever.

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