Rosemarie’s necklaces, a perfect summer temptation

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A necklace made in ebony and silver thread from Mauritania

Rosemarie Carvalho Dufour was raised partly in Senegal, in Portugal and in Italy and met her husband, African art dealer Alain Dufour, when he worked in Dakar. They spend their professional lives between Saint Maur des Fossés near Paris and Ramatuelle, near St Tropez, in the summer. Their common love for Africa has produced amazing jewelry which mixes bronze from North Cameroun, Ethiopian pieces, Zebu bones from Kenya and pearls from Nigeria or Benin. All necklaces and rings are made without a previous drawing, instinctively by hand and in only one version and can be seen at Galerie Afrique.

A ring for extravagant beach evenings

Rosemarie speaks many languages and expresses herself orally with the same poetry as in her designs. She uses a lot of glass and pearls but also ebony and stones or ceramics.

All necklaces sell between 150 € and 500 € and are handmade

Her elegance is as natural as her style of rings and bracelets, bead necklaces or long ones,  which you can wear at the Met gala or with a swimming suit on a beach. Her pieces sell in her two galleries in Saint Maur des Fossés or in Ramatuelle, this summer on 45 rue des Sarrasins.

A bracelet for a tanned skin

Galerie Afrique, 71 quai de la Pie, Saint Maur and 45 rue des Sarrasins, Ramatuelle from July 1 to August 30 th.

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  1. What a beautiful way to describe Rosemary who ‘expresses herself orally with the same poetry as in her designs’!

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