The inauguration, a sunny colorful moment

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After a spell of snow, the sun shines on President Biden

I don’t know if you noticed but after a spell of snow, the sun came out shining as soon as President Biden started speaking. It was a good omen and the Inauguration as seen from Paris at cocktail hour (we celebrated with champagne) was a very happy moment. Jill Biden‘s couture blue mask matching her elegant coat and dress ensemble by Alexander O’Neill, Kamala Harris’ emotion and pearl necklace, Lady Gaga’s red Schiaparelli jupon, gold microphone and powerful voice were all very uplifting. And the cherry on the cake was Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman‘s very appropriate poem “The Hill we climb”.

With her gold microphone, Lady Gaga was a luminous image and glamorous voice

Two sentences in the speech struck me especially, “We must end this uncivil war” a clear allusion to History of course but to basic good manners also, which definitely lacked the previous presidency. Will Biden’s reign be as elegant as the previous one was vulgar? It will definitely be just as religious if we take into account that Biden had attended mass before the ceremonies and two priests spoke a the Capitol while the name of God was endlessly mentioned by the various speakers. This sounded very strange even to Catholic French people…

And I also loved  the allusion to “cascading crisis”. With his calm and experienced voice, the President seems to be already handling the situation. “When the shit hits the fan” is one of my favorite English language expressions and we are all definitely living through such a period… The seventeen measures he has already signed towards the Environmental Accords de Paris, freer travelling for Muslims, stopping the building of the Mexican wall, multiplying the vaccinations are fabulous. And of course the latest, reversing of the Trump administration policy concerning transgender military troops. Regulations created by the Obama administration can simply be reinstated.

Amanda Gorman wearing a Prada coat was named National Youth Poet laureate at 18 before studying at Harvard college

Bernie Sanders was one of the rare guests not to wear a custom-made mask (but a paper one) and he seemed cold in his light beige nylon parka. Amanda Gorman’s yellow coat and red crown were definitely the sunny moment of the day, her elocution was perfect far from her childhood speech impediments (due to hearing problems), and her youth, a good image for a better future. The inauguration gave hope to the whole world, in a fainter way than Barack Obama’s did twelve years ago, but still… Long Live the United States of America.

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12 Comments on “The inauguration, a sunny colorful moment”

  1. Congratulations on breaking your rule not to become involved in the political debate. This time it’s worth it!

  2. How beautiful to get the viewpoint from Paris on this turning point for America. Salut! Here is to a future of cooperation, peace and progress!

  3. Happy to see your optimistic take on it, Laure. I was there photographing it, and I noticed the sun come out too. Despite the capitol being locked down with a record level of armed troops, the atmosphere felt lighter as soon as Biden was sworn in. It was a notable a difference from the crowd’s malevolent energy just two weeks earlier.

  4. We are all cautiously optimistic. Your take on things is exactly mine.
    So wonderful to know our friends in France are still with us as we return from 4 years of absolute hell.
    Bonne Année

  5. Love your perspective as always, Laure (and in any event, we long have thought of you as an honorary American).
    But I had no idea you loved the expression “when the s**t hits the fan”!

    xxx Cathleen

  6. Merci Beaucoup, Laure, from NYC for your lovely report of our happy long-awaited celebration, and for caring about us! It’s a new beginning!

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