Yann Delacour, observer of small things

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Yann Delacour observes small phenomenons. 15×20 cm print on Fine art paper,2004  © Yann Delacour.

A year ago, I was walking on the street below my flat and found a beautiful purple bellflower growing in the macadam. I could not believe this miracle of nature and figured, the rain had brought down the seeds from my balcony, five floors above. When you think of how hard it sometimes is to grow perfect flowers in perfect humus, this seemed magical.

Well, magic is exactly what photographer Yann Delacour is all about, when he observes a series of « insignificant » things and publishes them in « Le Monde d’Hermès ». The twice a year glossy publication always shows great images. This time, and under the influence of Sylviane de Decker, Hermès’ photography consultant, the most modest little weed enters the world of utter luxury and savoir faire.


Yann Delacour with his self-portrait blowing bubbles, 2010

When I visited Yann Delacour’s studio in Issy les Moulineaux, I entered a similar world of poetry, where snails are being nurtured in order to, later, be photographed making bubbles…and I was struck by three beautiful prints of the artist blowing huge soap bubbles. The self portraits,2010 (a series of 10) were shot with the help of his foot…

The photographer, who is also a sculptor (he made a series of snakes in terra cotta), teaches art and creates decors for special boutiques. In photography, he uses all types of cameras. A classic Hasselblad when he wanders around the streets and shoots tools or objects left lying around by workers as if they were sculptures. These will be printed from 6X6 negatives. But he shot the self portraits with a digital camera. His studio is meticulously organized with printers and scanners for argentic negatives. He constantly works on his two passions and includes sculpture type images in his photos. The softness of his blue eyes reflects in everything.

His photographs like those of other artists from the collection of the Hermès Foundation, are hanging on the walls of the shop, rue de Sèvres, which has become more and more creative over the years. this is also where you can find the Petit H collection, devised by Pascale Mussard.

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2004 © Yann Delacour


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3 Comments on “Yann Delacour, observer of small things”

  1. I love this! I sent it to my nephew who is living in Lyon and has long been a photographer of little things that grow through the cracks in Washington …

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