Youth equals talent with Pierre Renart and Julien Vermeulen

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Julien Vermeulen, three Totems

The most uplifting moment of the Design week (until 18 September) for me was to meet Pierre Renart and Julien Vermeulen, both 30, and with a ten year professional career, whose work I have admired for a couple of years. It was thanks to Florence Guillier-Bernard from Maison Parisienne, who patiently collects brilliant craft designers and throws them into the light. These two young guys are as charming as they are talented. One is a cabinet maker, the other one a plumassier (a feather artist) and they show together in a beautiful apartment on Ile Saint Louis.

Pierre Renart – Bench Ellipse

Vermeulen started his company with one thousand euros when he left Lemarié, the feather  and flower company owned by Chanel. He still designs for couture but has developed his own personal art with paintings in feathers and now “Totems”, his new collection of sculptures, made of goose and pheasant and rooster’s feathers. Black and white with a stripe of color. Prizes start at 900€.

Pierre Renart, Console Möbius in dark wood

Pierre Renart, a graduate of Ecole Boulle, folds and molds precious woods into benches and consoles. His first line which made him famous was “Ribbon”. This new one in oak and stratified wood, is called “Fusion”. His Möbius Console is an endless loop inspired by the work of German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius. Botha artists are modest and incredibly talented with a joyfulness and hard working mentality. They represent the best of French craftsmanship.

Julien Vermeulen and Pierre Renart in front of a feather painting and a console

Florence Guillier Bernard also shows the wonderful cotton sculptures by  Simone Pheulpin at the Guru Craft and design fair  from 11 to 16 th September at 6 avenue Hoche.  This exceptional artist will turn 80 this winter and celebrates at MAD, Musée des Arts décoratifs with an exhibition next December.

Julien Vermeulen, Totems

Maison Parisienne, 8 rue Jean du Bellay until September 18, and Guru art and craft, 6 avenue Hoche until September 16. Call for an appointment 0620485896

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2 Comments on “Youth equals talent with Pierre Renart and Julien Vermeulen”

  1. Laure I adore your site. Entertaining, so well informed and your energy is unbelievable. I was surprised this week there was no mention of
    Dénis Montfleur ‘s remarquable sculptures on the Place Vendôme .
    Don’t miss it , a real must see

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