Dutch painters come to Paris at Petit Palais

Anton Mauve, Morning ride on the beach, 1876, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

After the huge success of Swedish painter Anders Zorn‘s exhibition last fall, Petit Palais is astonishing us with a new show of “Dutch painters in Paris from 1789 to 1914”. From Frederik Kaemmerer to Piet Mondrian, we discover that Ary Scheffer was born in the Netherlands and we follow the artists in Barbizon (Jacob Maris), in Montmartre (Kees Van Dongen) and all around Paris. The show is superb with a great variety of themes and styles and an attractive scenography which unites the French and the Dutch painters. Do not miss it!

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Designer Hilton Mc Connico has left us

Hilton Mc Connico’s collection fo cactus glasses was commissioned by Daum in 1984

Hilton Mc Connico started out in Memphis, Tennessee,  where he was born in 1943,  as a debutante dress designer and was lucky enough to meet Grace Mirabella at American Vogue in the 1960’s. She recommended that he move to Paris where he found work with Ted Lapidus. Very soon he was working on movie sets as a decorator and he did the decors of “Diva“, the magical film by Jean Jacques Beneix shot at Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord which revealed Wilhelmina Wiggins Fernandez as an opera singer.Read More

Lucia Echavarría adds magic to our nights!

Bags are made of Iraca palm threads and gilt, Caracoles, Flores and Infinito

It’s hard not to be seduced when facing two Colombian beauties who create magical bags. Lucia Echavarria is the designer of Magnetic Midnight, her cousin Cloclo Etchavarria the events organiser with Creo consultants.  The Irachnae bags are made of Iraca Palm leaves wowen in a lace like technique by Colombians in Usiacuri North east of Cartagena. The natural thread takes the shape of Caracoles, shells, Flores, flowers of Infinito…Read More

In Saint Denis, carmelites lived well

Maxime Le Boucher, Visit of Louis XV th to Madame Louise de France, his daughter

You are going to think I have become a bigot and can only write about churches and nuns but my discovery of the week is the museum of Art and history  in Saint Denis, set in an old Carmel where Louis XVth’ seventh daughter and last child (Madame Dernière) became a nun in 1770. It was only a 20 minute metro ride from the 8 th arrondissement and it is a good excuse to visit the Royal Basilica where all the kings and queens of France are buried, ten minutes away.Read More

Georges Michel is rediscovered at Fondation Custodia

Georges Michel, Montmartre en hiver (Montmartre in winter), Munich, gallery Arnoldi-Livie

He was called the “Ruisdael of Montmartre” and worked at the Louvre with Vivant Denon on restoring the collections of Dutch paintings. He has made more than a thousand paintings with cloudy skies and rainy countrysides. Georges Michel, (1763-1843) a French painter who hardly ever left Paris, is the topic of an exhibition “Le paysage sublime” at Fondation Custodia, which specializes in drawings and Dutch works. Read More

Jean Fautrier glitters at Musée d’Art Moderne

Jean Fautrier, Forest, ca 1928, Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

I have long admired Jean Fautrier’s work since I was given a 1962 ink many years ago by my Tante Elsie and sleeping in front of this poetic drawing has always calmed me in an almost buddhist way. The new restropsective of his work at Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris is an enchanting walk through dark and happier moments of his life. It is organised with the Kunstmuseum Winterthur in Switzerland and curated by Dieter Schwarz.Read More

Parisians say NO to Jeff Koons’ tulips

The bouquet of discord by Jeff Koons

When American artist Jeff Koons and then Ambassador Jane D. Hartley announced a present to the city of Paris in November 2016, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo was the first one to communicate and rejoice over it. Unfortunately the present, a 35 tons bouquet of tulips made in bronze, stainless steel and aluminum is a poisonous gift, financed by billionaire collectors of Koons and the original idea of commemorating the victims of the Bataclan has been polluted by a fierce battle. Read More

Azzedine Alaïa is honored as a true couturier

The spectacular space in the Marais is furnished with lit “cabins” and mirrors

On opening day, Sunday, all the models who loved Azzedine Alaïa came to see the show in the middle of Haute couture week end and Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford with her daughter, were moved by this posthumous homage to the great couturier who abruptly died last November. The show runs until June 10 in his headquarters of rue de la Verrerie.Read More