François 1er attracts Dutch artists to the Louvre

After Gauthier de Campes, Fourth piece of tenture de Saint Rémi, 1531, wool, silk, silver and gold threads, (detail) reims, Musee Saint Rémi

French Renaissance King, François Premier, is well known for having brought Leonardo da Vinci to to his court in Amboise and the most magnificent Italian painters such as Francesco Primaticcio or Rosso Fiorentino to Fontainebleau. It is less well known that he also attracted painters from the north, Jean Clouet from Valenciennes, Noël Bellemare from Antwerp and Corneille from the Hague.Read More

Les Diables au thym, my new cantine

Leeks “crayon” braised with shells and truffle vinaigrette

The first time I tasted Eric Lassauce’s cooking was at a friend’s house across the street from his restaurant, Les Diables au thym, on 35 rue Bergère, in the 9 th arrondissement. The whole dinner was delivered as we were progressing and I still remember the côte de veau with carrots that we ate. Never had I tasted such a beautiful veal. So when the same friend, also called Eric, invited me to lunch, I went with real eagerness. I had Foie gras de canard which was excellent with its nut bred, and he had the Poireaux crayon, a very original way of cooking leaks.Read More

Magical Genoa in 36 hours

On the top floor of Palazzo Rosso, frescoes and trompe l’oeil. The palazzo was given by its owner Duchess de Galliera to the town and it is now a museum

The occasion was the wedding reception for Serena Cattaneo Adorno with Thomas Repelski and I would not have missed this long coveted visit to Genoa for anything! On the 75 mn flight from Paris, guests to the wedding conversed with Cecilia (formerly) Sarkozy, who was visiting the shipyards with her husband Richard Attias and young art collectors who wanted to see the beauty of this Mediterranean harbor, one of the most powerful in the world in the 16 th century thanks to Christopher Columbus.Read More

The House of Worth, or the birth of Haute Couture

Wedding dress worn by Annie Cottenet Schermerhorn for her wedding with John Innes Kane, on December 12, 1878. Museum of the City of New York, © 2011 David Arky

It is an extraordinary book that Chantal Trubert-Tollu, the great grand daughter of Charles Frederick Worth has just published with Françoise Tétart-Vittu, a costume historian. The House of Worth, 1858-1954 tells the story of four generations of fashion designers and it is mostly the history of a hundred years of Paris society through fashion.Read More

Rebecca Fraser delivers a masterpiece!

Rebecca Fraser published “The Mayflower generation” after twelve years of research

It was a very jolly event at Daunt books in Marylebone, one of the oldest and prettiest Edwardian bookstore in London,  for the book launch of Rebecca Fraser’s latest work, « The Mayflower generation, The Winslow family and the fight for the New World » published in Great Britain by Chatto and Windus. After her biography of Charlotte Brontë in 1988 and « A people History of Britain », this new History book, which took twelve years of research, is published next week in America by Charles Spicer at St Martins.Read More

Christo reigns over Brussels

Christo explains the different steps of drawings for the wrapping of Pont Neuf in 1989 in Paris

It was definitely worth going to Brussels especially for the opening of the exhibition, « Christo and Jeanne Claude, Urban Projects » at ING Art Center, on Place Royale. Only lenders were invited to this preview of 😯 drawings and models by one of the most original American artists, who finances each project with the sale of his preparatory drawings. The idea came from Laure Martin-Poulet, the curator of the show with Patricia De Peuter, and everyone seemed very moved to go back to the 1960’s in New York and in Kassel. Including the artist himself.Read More

Hubert Robert is back at la Roche Guyon

The château de la Roche Guyon lies 6 miles from Giverny and overlooks the Seine. It belonged to the La Rochefoucauld and the Rohan Chabot families

There is magic in art history and when American garden historian Gabriel Wick started working on La Roche Guyon‘s English gardens, he probably did not know he would later expose XVIII th century painter Hubert Robert’s genius at painting and conceiving parks and gardens. The exhibition « Hubert Robert et la Fabrique des jardins » takes place at château de La Roche Guyon until November 26 and it is full of charm and surprises.Read More

Albert Renger-Patzsch, German photography at its best!

Jenaer Glas, 1934, Museum Folkwang, Essen

I had never heard of German photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch (1897-1966), who had a fabulous career in Germany and in America but for some obscure reason, remained fairly unknown in France. The founder of objectivity in photography and one of the promoters of photography as modern art, he was brought to Musée du Jeu de Paume in the Tuileries by Portuguese professor Sergio Mah.Read More