Chloé-Bourdin a winning team

“Nerveuse”, dress in silk organdi Chloé by Karl Lagerfeld, Spring Summer 1980

There was a discreet article advertising the Bourdin exhibition at the couture house of Chloé’s new headquarters on the discreet rue de la Baume in the eigth arrondissement. One had to reserve a time during the day and I did. And good for me because now, it has become difficult to get a slot before September 6 th when the house becomes a fashion show room again.Read More

Dunkirk, Dunkerque, a bloody good film!

Three of the young soldiers on the beach of Dunkirk

When I came out of the movie theatre at Gaumont Opera, an old lady who could not walk down the stairs turned to me and said : «  what they went through is unbelievable ! » and this is exactly what you feel when you have seen the two hour long fabulous « Dunkirk », written and directed by Chritsopher Nolan, 45, who is better known for his Batman series. His wife Emma Thomas is the producer and they reenacted the 19 hour boat journey fifteen years ago.Read More

Hens are also racing in Chantilly

The orchestra of Chantilly hens

Named after Princes de Condé, owners of château de Chantilly since the 17 th century, Le Potager des Princes was created by Yves and Annabel Bienaimé fifteen years ago for their grand children. It has become over the years a children’s kingdom and a parent’s delight, a vegetable and flower garden.Read More

“Madame Elisabeth”, a lovely summer read

Georges Louis Buffon was the protector of François Dassy, lover of Elisabeth

It’s nice from time to time to read a good historical novel that you cannot put down ! and this is the case with « La sœur du Roi », a love story of Elisabeth, youngest sister of Louis XVI th,  written by Alexandra de Broca, a screenwriter and widow of Philippe de Broca, one of France’s major film directors.

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Exotic tapestries and classical furniture, at Galerie des Gobelins

Fireplace screen in Beauvais tapestry, Arabic scene, 1923, after Gaudissart,

If you are sensitive to beautiful furniture and taspestries make sure to visit the Galerie des Gobelins a fairly unknown but magical museum devoted to the collections of Mobilier National. This unit of the French state, was created by Louis XIVth and keeps approximately 100 000 pieces of furniture, paintings, carpets, linen, china which can be borrowed by ambassadors and ministers to decorate their official residences and offices. They represent the best in French decorative arts.

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Lee Ungno, a major Korean artist at Cernuschi

Banana trees, 1975, ink and pencil on paper

Musée Cernuschi is one of the « hidden » treasures of Paris. Hidden in the Parc Monceau, in a private house bought by Enrico (Henri) Cernuschi, a fabulous Italian collector of Asian art, who became French during the Commune of 1870. And the new exhibition of Korean artist Lee Ungno is the result of he artist’s bequest of most of his works to the museum after his death in 1989. Eighty two works from calligraphy to paintings and sculptures show how influenced the artist was by Western art and yet always remained himself. It is excellent.Read More

Giverny gardens, flowers and books, books, books…

Hugues Gall, Président of Giverny, Francis Hammond, photographer and Adrien Goetz, authors of the book “A day with Claude Monet”

It was a lovely sunny evening and le Tout Paris who love gardens was there at Jérôme Marcadé’s gallery Jardins en art, where a sexy group of authors gathered around yet another Giverny book. Hugues Gall in great form was laughing away with Patrice and Hélène Fustier, founders of Journées des Plantes de Courson, while Adrien Goetz and Francis Hammond were signing away their book, “A Day with Claude Monet at Giverny”. Read More

Jacques de Bascher, a truly naughty boy

Karl Lagerfeld and Jacques de Bascher, rue de l’Université in 1978, photo Philippe Heurtault

For anyone who lived through the “Années Palace” in Paris between 1979 and 1982, the biography of Jacques de Bascher written by Libération journalist Marie Ottavi, is a fascinating flash back into the years of insouciance before Aids hit the night scene. This enfant terrible who was Karl Lagerfeld’s great love, zoomed through life with charm and drama and took over the fashion scene. The book reads like an adventure novel.Read More