“The tie”, a political film

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Bastien is filmed reading the script of his own life

La Cravate“, the latest film by artists Etienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry, is the story of the 2017 Presidential campaign of extreme right candidate, Marine Le Pen, as lived by an obscure 20 year old chubby boy from Amiens. Bastien grew up in the north of France in a perfectly normal middle class family. But he did not fit into his school and became violent. He is filmed for 97 mins trying to invent a new way of life within the Front National movement. He is eager to befriend people from different milieux (his girlfriend was extreme left) and he is both very touching and terrifying… La cravate, the tie, is what he wears when he goes to Paris to meet with the higher party members.Read More

Niels Hansen Johansen’s dark tales at Musée Bourdelle

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Niels Hansen Johansen, “A troll scenting Christian flesh”, 1896,  was inspired by Gauguin zoomorphic pots, Valby, Jesuskirken, Copenhagen,

From Denmark, we know best Hans Christian Andersen‘s fairy tales such as “The Little Mermaid” and other phantasmagoric stories. Symbolist sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen had never been exhibited in France, even though he lived in Montparnasse between 1892 and 1902,  and befriended French ceramist Jean Carriès. Tessa Nielsen who runs the Vejen Kunstmuseum in Jutland and Amélie Simier, director of Musée Bourdelle,  have joined Jérôme Godeau for this spectacular exhibition of sculptures and ceramics at Musée Bourdelle. It is a true discovery and the different masks and glazed stoneware are very intriguing.Read More

Hervé van der Straeten can still surprise us!

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Console Meditation, polished gold inox mirror © Cecil Mathieu

With his tenth exhibition “Fun Ride”, a clever mix of pink dining room table and Chinese cabinets, Hervé Van der Straeten shows his brilliant workmanship in his large gallery of the Marais, with thirty five pieces in precious wood, marble and bronze produced just outside Paris in his studio of Bagnolet. The chef d’oeuvre is an armoire in ebony and bronze, made of 1 700 pieces assembled like Boulle used to. My choice went for the extravagant “console cristalloïde rainbow” made of anodized inox and “Pink table”, a large piece in lacquer wood with four triangular feet. The showroom itself is a beauty and with the abstract works by Arotin & Serghei which hang on the walls, it is a particularly joyful scene.Read More

Louise Pressager puts Malakoff on the artistic map

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Louise Pressager on opening night at Maison des Arts, Centre d’art contemporain de Malakoff

I could not have been been happier than to celebrate this week, the fifth anniversary of Parisdiarybylaure with the same artist, Louise Pressager, who inaugurated the blog on January 21 2015. It is a beautiful coïncidence that her new show at Maison des Arts de Malakoff, opened last Tuesday (until April 5). And this time the size is at the height of her talent: “Vous êtes l’heure je suis le lieu” (you are the time I am the place), includes seven videos, many drawings and frescos, and songs that she wrote and performs with music by Ferdinand Bayard.Read More

Cité de l’architecture explodes with drawings

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Francesco Pannini, Casino and garden of Villa Doria Pamphili in Rome ca 1775, watercolor, ©The Albertina museum

I was attracted to Palais de Chaillot by the Otto Wagner exhibition about the famous Vienese architect and as a bonus I found the exquisite show of architectural drawings from the Albertina museum in Vienna. So there is definitely a double attraction at Cité de l’architecture at the moment and you can end your visit with the small space devoted to the reconstruction of Notre Dame on the ground floor or even indulge at La Girafe the luxurious restaurant on the ground floor.Read More

Anna Politkovskaya remembered at Le 104

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The decor of the play is inspired by this photo by Stanley Greene

Anna Politkovskaya (1958-2006) became famous for her reporting on the Chechnyan war and she died for it. As a Russian journalist, she was constantly intimidated and threatened by the regime, arrested on suspicion of spying, and was finally assassinated in the elevator of her building. A beautiful text, “Donna non rieducabile memorandum teatrale” was written in 2007 by Italian playwright Stefano Massini. It is now translated into French and the play was produced with music at Le 104, a cultural center in the 19 th arrondissement of Paris. The director of the play, Thomas Bellorini is the twin of well known director Jean Bellorini, who after running Théâtre Gérard Philippe in Saint Denis, is now the director of the TNP Villeurbanne in Lyon where Chéreau, Planchon and Lavaudant set their marks.Read More

Paulin, Paulin, Paulin at Sotheby’s

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Alice et Benjamin Paulin in Bordeaux with Pierre Paulin furniture ©Marco Cappelletti

There is an exhibition which will only last a week at Sotheby’s Paris, from 31 January to February 6, which you should absolutely see and very exceptionally, I am telling you about it before it actually opens: “Paulin, Paulin, Paulin”, is devoted to designer Pierre Paulin‘s work.  His furniture, edited since he died in 2009, by his widow Maïa and by Benjamin his son is being produced again. With his wife Alice, who was raised in the famous Rem Koolhaas house in Bordeaux, this unique couple creates new worlds with Paulin’s designs. The auction house has chosen to exhibit the furniture produced for the Elysée Palace under the Pompidou and many other pieces, some of which were at Beaubourg three years ago.Read More

Celebrate Valentine with Barbara Hepworth at Musée Rodin!

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Pelagos, 1946,  (sea in Greek) ©Bowness, ©Tate

If you have once been to St Ives in Cornwall, you know how important sculptor Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) is for 20 th century art history. Her Trewyn studio is ideally located by the Tate gallery near the beach of this dreamlike fishing village and she spent much of her life living there, with husband painter Ben Nicholson with whom she had triplets.  She is the object of a small but pretty retrospective at Musée Rodin, which organizes a Valentine evening on February 14. Now is the time to book because last year some of you were too late and missed the event.Read More