Rhubarb jam confinement style

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Rhubarb from the market, photo Gilles Kraemer

Gilles Kraemer is an art critic and like many others, at the moment, unfortunately has spare time on his hands. He has shared with us a recipe for rhubarb jam which he made on St Marks day, the patron of Venice, a city he loves. This is a vegetable easy to find at the moment. It used to be cultivated as a medicinal plant in the Middle Ages and could also be used as a fruit. There are also many ornemental rhubarbs for gardens but this one is the culinary sort. Read More

From “10%” to risotto by Thibault de Montalembert

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Thibault de Montalembert, the prime agent in the Netflix series “Call my agent”, loves to cook

What do actors do in confinement, when no shooting and no Cannes festival are taking place any more? They cook. And Thibault de Montalembert, a theatre and movie actor who acquired a new fame  when appeared  as Mathias Barneville in “10%” (Call my agent), has shared with us his recipe for a pumpkin and mushroom risotto. The result is pretty and delicious, but hurry because it won’t be the season for pumpkin very soon…Read More

More confinement, six weeks later

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Cornus Cherokee in Genthod, near Geneva, photo Eva Firmenich.

When I wrote last week that I did not understand why there were no dogwoods in France, one of you, faithful reader, sent me a picture of hers from Genthod, near Geneva. And her “Cornus Cherokee” is pink, the Cornus Nuttalli is white. What luxury! I am thrilled by your inventive ideas and delighted to find more and more shops open. Everyone is making plans for holidays in France, and owners of vacation houses are relieved to get them back for the summer from all the foreign friends who had first booked them. But of course this means that we still have to wait a bit to see you all in Paris!Read More

A very special bench by a very young cabinetmaker

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Pierre Renart, Console Möbius, collection Musée des Arts Décoratifs

As soon as he had graduated from Ecole Boulle in 2011, the highest cabinetmaker school in France named after the famous Boulle from Versailles,  Pierre Renart was noticed by Florence Guillier Bernard, and she has never left him since. This talent spotter, who runs the galerie maison parisienne, works for a long time with her artists, to enable them to give their best. After a console was bought two years ago by MAD, Renart is now launching a bench within the “Ribbon collection”. He used American walnut, a noble wood essence whose soft hues magnify the sheer purity of the lines and the beauty of the overall shape is as surprising as it seems natural. Curves are his specialty.Read More

Confinement around the world

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Maitland Bay, NSW, Australia, photo John McPhee

You have been many to send me your confinement pictures. Thanks. Here are some of the most  beautiful. Suddenly, we all discover magical worlds in the countryside or in town. The great advantage of course, is that spring, the nicest season of all, has definitely settled in with temperatures of 25° in Paris. Of course it is fall in Australia, and still beautiful. I heard that it snowed in New York last week though. Isn’t it ironical that sun is shining so strongly on all of us? Even President Macron had a tan for his address on television, he probably got it in the Elysées gardens? And while I watch my geraniums open up slowly, I can feel a slight sunburn.  Read More

Making bread is a child’s play

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Samuel Plummer mixes the flour

It has never come to my mind to bake bread since there are so many bakeries still open in Paris but two of you have sent me bread recipes from London and California, so I figure this should be of interest to you. The no-knead bred takes a little time but no expertise… It is a child’s play.Read More

Exbury, the epitomy of spring beauty

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Morning reflections on the Azalea Bowl and Middle Pond, Exbury gardens, photo Marie Louise Agius

The first and only time I went to Exbury Gardens, Hampshire, was when I was 13. I had met Kate de Rothschild at a hunt in Compiègne and after a short conversation over breakfast, she mentioned her younger sister, who was the same age as I. “Why don’t you do a language exchange” she offered ” come and spend a fortnight at Exbury”. This was the most generous invitation which would be followed by many other generous gestures since. Kate is a drawing expert and collector and we meet every year at Salon du Dessin in Paris. These beautiful grardens which extend to 200 acres, are still run by the Rothschild family including Kate’s daughter Marie Louise Agius who, in our times of confinement, runs around the park with a drone and stands alone to enjoy the most beautiful season on this property planted by her great grand father Lionel Rothschild in 1919.Read More

Shoulder of lamb stew by Denise Dubois

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Carrots, onions, a little bi tof garlic and a shoulder of lamb

Denise Dubois was born in Brittany just under the nose, in Crozon. Her grand mother taught her how to cook and how to live in this wild part of France where the wind reigns. Fish is of course the great specialty in this fishing community near Camaret, but for Easter, lamb prevails, and this recipe of stewed shoulder of lamb is delicious, especially when eaten by the fireplace in a delightful fisherman’s cottage… Not quite Cornwall but as magical as you can get.Read More