A private photo collection at Caillebotte’s house in Yerres

Graciela Iturbide, “Heroes de la Patria”, Cuetzalan, Puebla, 1993

La Maison Caillebotte was inaugurated in Yerres, 20 kms South East of Paris in June 2017. It used to be the famous painter’s house and Valérie Dupont-Aignan, a lawyer by training,  has patiently redecorated it for the municipality. The result is superb and in the modern galleries, a collection of photographs belonging to Sondra Gilman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla is shown until December 4th.Read More

“Fine Arts Paris” moves to the Louvre

Michel-Ange Houasse, “Une Partie d’ânes” (a party of donkeys, atTalabardon & Gautier

I love going to a show and shop virtually: this is what I did at Paris Fine Arts, from Antiquity to today, which has, for its second edition,  moved from the Bourse to the Carrousel du Louvre and had a luxurious and cozy atmosphere. I ran into many friends, arts amateurs an excited professionals, and loved these few paintings and objects which might still be for sale when you read this column.Read More

Rodin’s paper cut outs are a true discovery

Naked woman sitting, a mantel on her shoulders, Musée Rodin

“My drawings are the key to my work” once declared famous sculptor Auguste Rodin and the new exhibition of his 90 paper cut outs and 200 drawings at Musée Rodin is fascinating. It took five years in the making for curator Sophie Biass-Fabiani who has patiently classified sheets of drawings and esquisses. The result is a new look at Rodin’s huge talent.Read More

Tutto Ponti, a design giant rediscovered at MAD

Ribaltina table, 1926, from Gio Ponti’s apartment on via Randaccio, Milano and mirror,

Visiting “Tutto Ponti” the retrospective dedicated to Italian designer and architect Gio Ponti (1891-1979), was a true discovery and a wonderful immersion in 20 th century design. Musée des Arts Décoratifs, now called MAD, has gone a long way to give to the ” Italian Le Corbusier” enough space and luxury. Maybe too much? But you can visit the show as you would go to a design fair. And just pick what you like best in  this multitude of ceramics, glass, silver, wood, houses, furniture, churches, mosaics…Read More

Geneva, a city full of surprises!

Agathe Velay’s smile is a reason in itself to go to La Vie des Champs

Once again I was drawn to Geneva by talented young people. Agathe Velay  started a year ago a successful restaurant “La Vie des Champs”, which caters mostly to International professionals from La Croix Rouge Internationale or the UN. Irena Josifoska and Mladen Tcholitch are both laureates from “Petit Prince foundation” for Serbian musicians. Spending the week end with them was a very special feast. Read More

Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson has a new home in the Marais

Henri Cartier-Bresson at home, Paris 1992

Entering one’s new house is always a moving moment. When it is for Fondation Henri-Cartier Bresson, whose removal was announced for months from its Montparnasse premises on impose Lebouis, it is even more exciting. With an obvious exhibition of Martine Franck‘s pictures,  the opening becomes a faultless event. The selection of photographs made by director Agnès Sire is fun, varied and not overwhelming. It is a true celebration of a talented photographer whose husband Henri Cartier- Bresson always cherished and encouraged.Read More

Bourdelle and students, a transmission lesson!

Auguste Rodin, Rose Beuret, 1902-1903, marble maybe cut by Bourdelle, Musée Rodin

Musée Bourdelle is one of these secret small museums in the Montparnasse area which one could forget to visit if there wasn’t an active politics of exhibitions. The present one “Transmission/transgression” is a moving study of how Antoine Bourdelle, a contemporary of Rodin, taught International artists who came from Japan, Poland, Russia and China…with Germaine Richier and Alberto Giacometti among the most famous. If you are at all interested in sculpture, this is the place to learn.Read More

At Fondation Custodia, Musée Cernuschi and Ji-Kabuki, Japan is everywhere

Senkyo Yamazalu, a zen and tea ceremony teacher in front of the fabulous National Treasure screen by Tawaraya Sotatsu from the Edo period

Since June, Paris has been buzzing with the Japanese season “Japonisme 2018” which celebrates 160 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and France. Japanese ambassador Masato Kitera,  who speaks perfect French,  attended Ecole Nationale d’Administration like his friend the Governor of Gifu prefecture, Hajime Furuta, who is also bilingual. They were hosting together a dinner and Ji-Kabuki performance at the Cultural center near the Eiffel Tower. At the same time, Musée Cernuschi is opening an exhibition of the Treasures of Kyoto and Fondation Custodia shows exceptional prints from the Elise Wessels collection at Nihon no hanga, Amsterdam.Read More