Liliane and Lily take us on a riveting journey

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The author in Maine, summer 20013

The author, lily Tuck,  in Maine, July 2013

There are many good books around and reading a friend’s book is always a treat, because one feels one understands more than what is actually written. But discovering « The Double life of Liliane » by National book award winner Lily Tuck, is not only an immense pleasure, it is a poetic journey through the second half of the 20 th century, with a very special guide.

Having dinner at Auguste in Paris

Having dinner at restaurant “Auguste” in Paris

Lily Tuck, whose “nom de plume” is  her second husband, Ed Tuck’s, name, has published nine books in the last twenty years. Her style is elegant, scientific, poetic and completely original. And I had not been swept away by a book in such a pleasurable manner for a very l-o-n-g time.

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Radio France, music by excellence

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The organ under construction

The organ under construction in Barcelona,  for the new auditorium of Radio France

Radio France, the state organization run by the dashing Mathieu Galet, owns seven public radios, and runs two orchestras and two choirs. To host their concerts, which are usually transmitted live on France Musique, a new fabulous auditorium has been built by AS architecture studio and reopened on November 14 of last year.Read More

From Edo to Tokyo with Kuniyoshi and more…

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23- Kuniyoshi

The Tamura ferry on the road to Ōyama, Sagami province, circa 1842. Courstesy of Gallery Beniya.

I did not know that before being called Tokyo, an anagram of Kyoto, the imperial capital until 1868, the main Japanese city for entertainment was called Edo and had more than 1 million inhabitants.. It is not surtprising then, that Kuniyoshi, the king of coloured prints in 18 th century Japan, had a large public and made over ten thousand of them during his 66 year long life.

1- Kuniyoshi

Emperor Sutoku sends his vassals to save Tametomo, 1851, (detail) Courstesy of Gallery Beniya

The exhibition at Petit Palais is a big surprise and quite riveting. Curated by Gaëlle Rio and Yuriko Iwakiri, it is beautifully laid out and details of its violent and imaginative works are visually striking.

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Beautiful Families….

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"Belles Familles" de Jean-Paul Rapenneau

Mathieu Amalric, Karin Viard, Gilles Lellouche and Marine Vacth in “Belles Familles”

This film is a true family business in many ways, since director Jean Paul Rappeneau has directed the film with two of his sons. Julien as co-script writer and Martin as music composer. And the film, a classical French family story with notaries, inheritance, a lost house, and a second “wife” with a beautiful daughter, is a real success !Read More

Korea now!

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Red oak, natural stone desk by Afterimage, 2008 and white porcelain moon jars in the background

It is France-Korea year and Paris is buzzing all over with this mysterious and so successful country. In music, golf and design, Koreans have made many of their names famous in the last ten years and so it seemed natural that Musée des Arts Décoratifs, dedicate two large spaces, la Grande Nef and Musée de la Mode to its artists and designers.

Two designers from Hanbok, traditional clothes

Two designers from Hanbok, traditional clothes in the red dresses room

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From royal couturier to painter of palaces

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Hervé Aaron and the artist, Victor Edelstein, at Didier Aaron gallery

Hervé Aaron and the artist, Victor Edelstein, at Didier Aaron gallery in Paris

He became instantly world famous in the 1980’s after Princess Diana danced with John Travolta in the « ink-blue » velvet gown he designed for her dinner at the White House. Victor Edelstein, who started his career as a couturier at Biba in London in 1966, went on to dress all the British royalties and New York queens (Anna Wintour) and designed costumes for the ballet. He has now since 1993, become a full time painter like his wife Annamaria Succi.

Alan Saltz and Kristen van Riel enjoy the Indian decors

Alan Salz and Kristen van Riel enjoy the Indian decors of the throne room in the place of Jodhpur

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Splendour and Misery at Orsay

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The bed of the famous Païva whose house is now the Traveller’s club on the Champs Elysées

It is interesting to see that two major exhibitions in Paris, are totally dedicated to women. Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun at Grand Palais describes in detail the elegance of aristocrats at Marie Antoinette‘s court. « Splendour and Misery » at Musée d’Orsay, tries to draw a fresco of prostitution in the late 19 th century. It is full of beautiful paintings by Toulouse Lautrec, Degas, Constantin Guys and Béraud… and wonderfully designed by Robert Carsen, but the thematics did not convince me.Read More